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As your personal guide to professional and personal development for the soul, I understand that sometimes we are not satisfied with our current spiritual evolution, relationships, family environment, or career path.

You feel estranged from your intuition, your calling, focus and drive for life! You feel that there is a barrier between where you are at now, and where you want to be.

Fortunately that is an illusion and temporary!

My ultimate goal is to be a catalyst for change and assist you in overcoming these hurdles!

As your partner, I want to guide you in making the best decisions when you are at a crossroads or going through a transition, gain clarity upon an obstacle or when starting a new chapter, and become more in alignment with your Higher Purpose!

There are a plethora of opportunities available on danielleholdamn.com via the online library, events,  The Coaching Parlour podcast, and various service and product offerings that empowers you to step into your personal power, and unlock the mysterious and magic within yourself.

Enlightenment is yours if you choose because you are an active co-creator that can TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE!


Danielle M Holdman, CPC

I appreciate the guidance, Danielle provided in the career coaching program. I am taking ownership not only my career, but my major. I also feel more confident and assured that this is the direction I need to be going in.

Testimonial Annalie Wyndowski
Annalie Wyndowski
I'm Taking Ownership of My Career and Education

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The monotony of life slowly rusts away at our brilliance, but luckily The Coaching Parlour podcast is here here to remind you the importance of your existence! Through life’s many tribulations and triumphs there is a lesson to learn that will help you gain lasting wisdom and grow personally, spiritually, and professionally!

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Use the information in the library to help you discover your OWN truth, and proactively make decision that are best for you.

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Inner Alchemy

It goes beyond the questions and goal setting. It's about unlocking mysteries, breakthroughs, discipline, and more...all through accountability!

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Applied Knowledge Done Right

Check out the results-orientated challenges that help you disrupt patterns, make change, and learn!

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Peruse through the available resources that will you play, reflect, build, and manifest!

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Stories of Triumph & Hope

Check out the range of testimonies that are proof that they have successfully overcome various tests in their life and manifested the best outcome.


Radical Sacred Communion

The synchronicity that one experiences through live events on or offline are powerful! It rightfully proves that their is magic in connection!

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There Is Power In Potential. It’s time to recognize the value in your existence, goals, and ideas! Each service is help you gain insight, acknowledge the issue you that you want to transform, and take the necessary steps to disrupt patterns in your life! Take the steps that will propel you forward, all with a lil assistance!