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I help identify the energetic patterns that are dominating your present state, and guide you in transmuting and transforming!

When working with a client, I take great pleasure in helping them transform their self-limiting patterns that influence their thoughts, emotions, and actions into purposeful, dynamic and revolutionary ways of being and doing!

My value-based coaching method will encourage and motivate you to take practical action that is surprisingly based on unconventional ideas.  It will influence your decision on accepting your respected role and responsibilities as a co-creator in your transformed reality.

Playing in the mysteries of your inner universe, uncovering truths, realizations, and sacred secrets that help you let go of what has historically not been working for you in the past.



Help you disrupt the cultural spell of perfectionism patterns that breeds the procrastination cycle and transform their self-image, feelings, and outlook on life.


Hold a magical and unconventional sacred space for you to align with your intentions, intuition, reclaim personal power and transform obstacles into avenues of opportunities.


Assist you in waking up and overturning what isn’t working, shift the mindset of individuals , shatter illusions and help them envision all that is, and take ownership of their spiritual sovereignty


Guide you into translating the knowledge you receive into innate wisdom that will help you take purposeful action and find a flow that will propel you forward on your journey.


I aim to challenge limiting beliefs, cause disruption to outdated patterns, lovingly force you to question what was projected onto you since birth, and shed all that no longer serves them as a creator.


Provide structured  in person and online events that provide insights, fellowship, and action oriented tips.


Provide value based coaching that enlightens, empowers, and motivates them to take practical action based on unconventional ideas and accept their role and responsibilities as co-creators of their reality.


Supplement Coaching & Counseling sessions with access to information, and create systems that enhance the individuals learning experience through podcasts, ecourses and digital products.


My Guiding Values

I truly believe  and VALUE the power that you posses. My contribution to humanity as whole is in helping you into translating the knowledge you receive into innate wisdom that will help you take purposeful action and find a flow that will propel you forward on your journey.

I Value

Elevating Consciousness in both one’s internal and external environment that lead to not only spiritual evolution, but also material manifestation.

I Value

The lessons and magic in archetypal energies and how it can influence our outlook, actions, and reality.

I Value

Personal alchemy, transforming challenges, mistakes, missed exits as a opportunites to learn, expand, and manifest.

I Value

Freedom through non-conformity, forward thinking, spiritual sovereignty that helps those to take calculated risks.

I Value

Synchronicity and how it creates miracles and opportunities in life. Wisdom in universal laws an how they intersect with the modern world and technology.

I Value

intellectual challenges, deep thinking, and mysterious topics that can fuel one’s personal power and strengthen their relationship with the Universe.

I Value

Ongoing learning that leads to the transmuation of crystalized beliefs, knowledge that is applied to life, and in turn becaomes innate wisdom.

I Value

The partnership and support between both physical and non-physical beings that work toward the expansion of concious, love, compassion, and grace.

I Value

The power of one’s intution (aka their internal gps) in helping them navigate the highs and lows of life, protecting them and helping them overcoming obstachles and engulf themselves in victories.

spiritual sovereignty – personal responsibility


My mission is to  help you to shatter the illusions, decode the mysteries,  overcome  barriers  of seperation by bridging the distance between the spiritual and practical facets of your business, career, or life’s journey. My end goal is to help you gain a better outlook of your role in your professional and personal development on all levels, guide you in navigating the growth of your small business, career, or life’s mission, and to empower, inspire, and motivate you to step into your Divine Power & Purpose.

it’s a cosmic partnership


Whether you require guidance, in terms of career, relationships, family life, health, lifestyle or coaching in all of these areas, I can gladly assist you. With inspiration, purpose, encouragement, inspiration, spirituality and care being the cornerstone of everything I do in my practice, I deeply treasure the valued relationship that I have with each and every one of my clients and I always do my utmost to ensure that your experience is the most positive and life-changing one you can possibly have.


Danielle M Holdman, CPC BIO


Danielle M. Holdman is a leading Metaphysical Practitioner, Reiki Master Teacher (RMT), Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programmer Practitioner (CNLPP) through The Association for Integrative Psychology and Certified Professional Coach (CPC) through Fowler Academy.

Currently studying towards a Ph.D in metaphysical transpersonal counseling through the Theological School at the University of Sedona. In addition, Danielle  possess a degree in Business Administration from Fairleigh Dickinson University (FDU) with a concentration in Marketing.

Over the past 14 years Danielle exercised her skills at a range of companies such as High Frequency Marketing, Goapele’s Skyblaze Recordings, The Britto Agency, Haymarket Media, Inc., PRWeek, American Express Publishing, Travel + Leisure, and Food & Wine