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3 Reasons Why It’s Important To Invest In An Expert For Guidance

September fall time is usually known as the time of harvesting! Normally this is the time where you start thinking about next years plans, what you will be changing, researching and deciding upon the new marketing & business initiatives you plan on implementing, and figuring out what your overall budget will be for your business. On a more spiritual level it could be you are deciding whether or not you want to step into the role as an entrepreneur/small business owner ( or fill in the blanks) or even continue in the role.

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Acquire A Partner In A Coach

Business Tip # This is when you need to consult with an expert or business mentor!

If you genuinely feel a blockage, need inspiration, setup a budget, maybe you need to brainstorm and draft up some S.M.A.R.T goals for your business, I highly suggest consulting with an expert! Especially during the business harvesting season!

When attracting the “right for you” expert, consider the following things:

  • How is the expert helpful: You want to make sure that you work with an expert that gives you the resources that you need to make better informed business decisions. Can they recognize issues within your business that are causing problem, or even opportunities to create a different avenue?
  • How are they knowledgeable: The categories for experts would fall into a generalist, specialist, and authority (at this level you are paying a pretty penny!). Think about if you would rather work with an expert who is Jack or Jane of all trades, or someone who specifically focuses on your industry, task, or even problem that you have. If it has to do with finances,taxes, or anything legal please go straight to a consultant that is a CPA or lawyer.
  • In what ways do the expert challenge you that result in growth: Make sure you work with an expert that is going to challenge you to grow in ways that are unimaginable! Okay, maybe that seemed whimsical, but you do want to work with a consultant that’s going to propose questions, point out scenarios, and guide into a direction that promotes business growth.

It is not a sign of weakness when asking and receiving help, because your end goal is to increase your sales revenue, grow your brand, and elevate your role as a entrepreneur. Make sure  the expert or mentor that you interact with has integrity, and are responsible in what they say, think, do,  and are looking out for your business’s best interest!

What are other tips you suggest in finding the “right for you” expert?

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