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Discover How Abundance Can Bring Forth New Business or Career Opportunities

Discover How Abundance Can Bring Forth New Business or Career Opportunities

An important aspect of personal development, especially when one is focused on their life’s purpose and their role as an entrepreneur or navigating the career ladder is the ability to take advantage of every opportunity that presents itself.

You might be wondering what opportunities you have.

Here’s a hint: Write down all that you want, need, and desire. Next, review the list, and you’ll see that you have your answer. It’s nice to know that your life is full of unknown gems waiting to be discovered, isn’t it!?

When you are grateful, fear disappears and abundance appears. -Tony Robbins

Check out the list and affirmations

Recognize that you have opportunities all around you. The first step is to believe the current people, places, and situations you’re involved with may lead to something bigger. If you engage in “limiting thinking,” it’s difficult for you to notice the opportunities around you. You’ll open yourself up to new things if you can broaden your thinking, outlook, and horizons!


Affirm: I recognize and align myself with the opportunities around me. I am embrace them wholeheartedly, and live total gratitude for these gift.


Get acquainted with new people. Whenever you meet someone, get to know them. It’s good to have another business connection to network with or personal contact to develop a friendship with. These associations can blossom into opportunities you hadn’t considered. Maybe your new colleague’s brother owns a business that you’d like to reach out to. Or a new neighbor does marathons and you’re interested in running.


Affirm: I surrounded myself with progressive, uplifting people that embody higher consciousness, and demonstrate the golden rule in full fashion.


Discard the limiting thinking pattern. Many of us adopt a style of thinking called poverty consciousness that goes a little something like, “This is all I’ll ever have and I’ve got to make do with it.” How does this type of thinking affect your life and your ability to notice new opportunities? When you limit your thoughts, you may be passing up fabulous love, career, business, and monetary riches. Make a conscious decision to curb the limiting thinking. The next best thing might be just around the corner.


Affirm: I release all thoughts, words, and deeds that no longer serves me, and replace them with enlightened energy and Agape love. 


Avoid running from challenging projects that will help your business or entrepreneurial growth. You might be thinking, “There’s no way I want to get involved in this project.” Yet, those who take on those types of project tasks learn so much and are given even better opportunities in the future.You can develop a reputation as the “go-to person” and advance your career, your brand’s exposure, and your bottom line.


Affirm: Projects that are deemed challenging are actually opportunities that will allow me to grow professionally, personally, and spiritually.


Voluntarily step in to fill voids. Maybe there’s something that needs to be done for one of your organization’s project, but others balk at it. Perhaps they think the project sounds boring or that the task is monotonous. For example, maybe no one wants to reach out and call potential sponsors for the event, or actively raise fundraising dollars. Everyone thinks it sounds too time consuming, but your chair wants it to be completed. Step up and get it done. When you step in to fill voids, others notice your efforts and you develop some new skills that’s beneficial  for your own business endeavors and personal development.


Affirm: I step into fill the void and steer projects, situations, and conflict into a smooth outcome.


Your life is filled with an unknown brilliance that you probably haven’t tapped into yet. Take the time out to put yourself first, step into your greatness, and allow abundance to overflow into your life. Put these strategies into action today. Be ready and willing to notice and take advantage of all opportunities presented to you.  Live in gratitude, and a life filled with abundance is waiting for you!



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