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Discovering Passion For Your Life, Career, and Business

You cannot become wealthy or achieve any other kind of success in life if you don’t have passion about what you are doing.

Let’s stop and marinate on that!

Be it the simplest business or the most sophisticated corporation, you need passion in order to succeed. Here we take a look at how important passion is and what different forms it must take in order to point our lives in the right direction, i.e. in the direction of superb success.

What’s the importance of passion in your life? Where does it take you?”

When work, commitment, and pleasure all become one and you reach that deep well where passion lives, nothing is impossible.

You have a 9 to 5 job drawing a good pay, you have a good family and all’s well with the world. But deep inside, you feel like you are going nowhere. The job isn’t moving upward either. You are actually stagnating in your career and mentally and spiritually. Everything is starting to feel stale and stank! Something is missing. Passion. The one quality that textbooks and instruction manuals and company procedures will never talk about. Everyone is in such a hurry to make you fit perfectly into the machine like a well oiled gear, that they forgot you are a living, feeling human being, and that you have a DIVINE PURPOSE! Unfortunately, my dear, even you have forgotten.

Ask yourself. If I had a million plus bucks in the bank, what kind of work would I be doing? Would I chuck this humdrum job and move on to something really exciting? Something that I have always wanted to do? Then ask yourself – why am I not doing that right now? Is it because of peer pressure or because I don’t want to move out of my comfort zone? I don’t want to be uncomfortable? I don’t want to rock my boat? You are half asleep in your boat already and in a few years, you could be put out to pasture! If the boat rocks now, you could be jerked awake and come to your senses. Your passionate senses.

In the aftermath of the recession of 2008, millions of people lost their jobs, and I was one of them! Many of them took up new vocations, started their own businesses, and suddenly found that they were finally following their dream. Many of them are now highly successful in their new found professions. They took a risk, and executed a business that was aligned with their passion!

You don’t have to wait for dire straits to rock you out of your present mediocre life. You can decide right now, that you want to live and work passionately and make your life worthwhile. The highway of passion is an amazing ride, and prosperity is just one of the landmarks on this route! Take that risk by meditating upon the direction you want to take your business, and most importantly your life! You don’t have to get it right, you just have to make that step to get it going!

Question to Ask Yourself:

If you haven’t really thought about what drives you take some out NOW to really think about it. Start thinking about various ways it can solve a problem or make a person (or animal 😉 ) feel good. What risks are you willing to take to start a business or change your career and have it be based on your passion? List it in the comment section below!




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