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Cut the Calories and Simplify Your Work Day!

Cut the Calories and Simplify Your Work Day!

When  I feel rushed and stressed inertia sets in and prevents me from moving forward and making any type of progress within my business. I can guarantee that you have been in my position more often than not, and the  reason is because why have too much on our plate. We can constantly inundated with information, tasks, people needing our response,  and different intricacies falsely needing our attention.

When you add the title and role of entrepreneur to your repertoire, you will need to start filtering items that are important, need your immediate attention, and tasks that should be outsourced. It will be better in the long-term for your peace of mind, the quality of life at home with your family, and the long-term success of your business. The busier you are, the more important it is to prioritize and simplify! This is especially true if you reach the end of a hectic day and feel as if you accomplished little.

Utilize these strategies so that you can focus on whats going to make you money, grow your business and brand, and allow you to have an increase of intimate moments with those you love.

Let’s Get Ready To Simplify:

  • Prioritize your day. Rather than attempting to get everything done, try focusing on just a few items…meaning less 4 or 5. Get in the habit of making a list of the important items  that NEED  you’d like to get done. Then prioritize the list and focus on the top three items by using a task planner such as David Seah’s The Emergent Task Planner.  This is a tool that I use, and I absolutely appreciate it. It can be helpful to do create your list the evening before, and that way you can start the next day without wasting time trying to decide where to start. Limiting the number of things you’re going to tackle is a highly effective way to approach your day. The most important tasks are sure to get done, and no time is wasted on the nonessential.
  • Turn off the TV , Youtube, and Facebook. Distractions are the second challenge for both you and I . It’s easy to become distracted by the television, radio, email, social media, and the internet in general. Avoid even starting to get involved in these time zappers while you’re working. Use a web browser tool such as Stay Focused that increases your productivity by limiting the time you spend on your guilty pleasure sites.
  • Take breaks as needed. While this doesn’t necessarily make your day simpler, it will feel like it is. For most people, the most effective work schedule is working for approximately 2 hours followed by a 20-30 minute break. Studies show that you’ll get more done. You’ll also stay fresher and feel less frazzled. Another habit that  has increased my progress and simplified my tasks is the pomodoro method. You work on your task for 25 mins followed by a 5 minute mini break, and after 4 pomodoro’s you take a 20-30 min break.
  • Create routines whenever possible. Get into the habit of designating certain days for certain tasks. If you need to update your accounting spreadsheets every week, save it for Friday mornings or designate Wednesdays as your ordering inventory day. Don’t wait until the task desperately needs to be done, because it’s likely to require a lot more time and energy. It’s also likely that several things will need to be done at once. Set a schedule for creating, acquiring customers, paying bills, and any other administrative tasks.
  • Intend to simplify your day. At the end of each day, evaluate how the day unfolded. Was it a good day? Did you feel rushed or overwhelmed? Get in the habit of asking yourself a simple question: “How could I improve and simplify my day?” Then listen to the answers you receive. Make a plan to implement some of those ideas into your day.
  • Charge your electronic devices each night. It’s great when you can accomplish something while asleep. Plug in your electronic devices each night so they can get the same recharge that you’re enjoying. Few things complicate a day more than a cell phone or laptop battery dying at the wrong time. You would be surprised the amount of people who do not charge their devices the night before.
  • Keep a regular sleep schedule.  Have you noticed a good night’s rest is a theme on this site? It’s easier to plan your day and get the necessary things done if you’re well rested. If you sleep too little one night and then need an unplanned nap to function, your day just became more complicated. Your day-to-day capabilities will be much more consistent if your sleep is consistent.
  •  Clean up after yourself. Yes, something so simple as this can make a world of a difference. It might seem easier to just leave your mess and deal with it at another time. But one mess tends to lead to another and before you know it, everything needs attention just to be tolerable. Take the extra few minutes to put everything away when you’re done with a task. Let me go ahead and clean up this paper clutter.

Okay entrepreneurs and those on their life’s purpose journey, getting in the habit of simplifying your day is one of the best ways to get more done while feeling less burdened. No matter how much you have to do, odds are that only a couple of those items are truly critical. Focus on the most important tasks and limit your distractions. A simpler day is in your future.

Comment below and contribute any additional tips to clutter our life!