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How to Develop a Career Plan That Will Bring You Results

How to Develop a Career Plan That Will Bring You Results

Let me guess! Your job search is probably not going as planned. Could it be that you are  stuck trying to figure out what career you want to transition into, instead of staying in the same field you have been for the past 7 years? Maybe you are starting your life over in a new state with your child after a life changing experience? Whatever the case, your frustration is understandable.  Take 3 deep breathes and relax, and lets work toward getting a clear objective for your job search and career game plan.

Energetically, you feeling stuck. Which is normal when things don’t seem to align with your plan. Opportunities aren’t coming along as quickly as you would like, and your fate seems to resides in the hands of the unknown.

Ask yourself, are applying for positions that you know you will be granted at least interview although you will be bored and settling?All because you’ve are scared to take a risk apply for the challenging job that you know you deserve?  Heck, you may very well know what you want to do in life, but  feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to start!

Before we moved with a few tips to help you get started with your game plan, you need to set a clear objective for your search! This will help alleviate majority of the frustration that you are experiencing and help you acquire the resources you need to help you get to the consecutive steps in your career development plan and job search

Now is your time to get it done and this foolproof plan is all you need:

1. Identify careers you like. By now, you must have identified tons of careers that interest you. It’s normal to have your interest switch from one career path to another. This can happen as your life unfolds. Start with writing a list of those that interest you right now. Writing them helps to cement your interest from the get-go. It’s important that you include all careers that interest you, regardless of how others feel about them. Write what gets you excited – the work that you dream about.

2. Determine the drivers for your interest. After writing the list, it’s time to shortlist! This is when you dig deep and determine what causes your interest in each case. Be honest with yourself and identify the real reasons you’re interested. Is it because you’d join the long list of family members who entered a specific career? Remember, this is based on what you want to do. Forget family tradition for a second. What about finances? Do you see yourself in a career because of how much money it can make you? Certainly, it would be great to earn a good paycheck from a career. But think long and hard about that being your main motivation. At the end of the day, the recommended focus for a career choice is what makes you happy. The last thing you want is to be in a job that makes you miserable. The biggest paycheck doesn’t have the ability to make you happy.

3. Find multiple options for getting there. Now, it’s time to get creative. How do you plan on getting hold of that dream career? Use the internet as a solid research tool. With the internet, you can find many options for embarking on a career of choice. The traditional method is to pursue tertiary education. Find courses and degree programs that can give you the necessary training. Having the know-how to go along with the interest is a great combination. Look for opportunities to apply for internships. It’s okay if an internship doesn’t pay or pays very little. Remember, you’ll be getting valuable experience. Internship tied in with knowledge gained at school will strengthen your expertise.

You’re at a crucial stage in life. Making a career decision that’s right for you is critical to your happiness that will in return bring you the results you want. So take the time to focus on each step of the equation. You owe it to yourself to succeed! Do something that you’ll be proud of at the end of the day.

Question to Ask Yourself:

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