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We Are Drowning In Information

The evolution of information is knowledge, when applied is wisdom.  I always say that it is more important to teach someone how to think and exercise it by research, application, taking only what you need at this moment.


Below is a collection of articles, resources, tools, interviews, and ore created by yours truly. Topics range from connection to the Divine, overcoming challenges, co-creation, living in purpose, to steering your career in the direction that not only helps you build a sustainable life, but help you thrive and propel your mission forward.

Use the information available to help you discover your OWN truth, and proactively make decision that are best for you, and the journey you have embarked on. You are a revolutionary, alchemist, independent thinker and doer. Developing your own philosophy on how to experience and enjoy life, and allowing it to expand your awareness!

The Practical Alchemist Library

Conscious Connections

It takes connection to raise the collective conscious of this planet. Explore ways that you can attract individuals that not only will be complementary to you, but you'll also explore ways to uplift each other.


Career Purpose Alchemy

Incorporating your Divine Purpose into your vocation is a kismet and and launchpad of synchronized events to help you navigate your journey.


Practical Selfcare

In order to help others you NEED to be able to help yourself first. That's why a self care ritual is a must for your emotional wellness.


The Startup Soul

Developing a relationship and becoming more in tune and aligned with your Higher Self b/k/a your Soul is critical to the evolution of your spiritual self and will strengthen your connection to the Divine.


Alchemy Message

Intuitive guidance JUST IN TIME through art of synchronicity that will deliver insight into your situation. From the vibration of Spirit to your ears and eyes!


Shadow Work Alchemy

Information and support to help you navigate and protect yourself as you going through the ``Valley of the Shadow of Death`` also known as the ``Dark Night of The Soul``.


listen & engage
The Coaching Parlour Podcast

Need some inspiration on the go? Subscribe and listen to The Coaching Parlour podcast with guest alchemist teachers covering topics ranging from A to Z.


stepping forward & bold break

Interested in making the commitment to work with me 1:1, but feel yourself getting cold feet? Check out some of the co-signs I’ve received!


breakthrough & manifesting

I’m sure you’ve heard the common used catchphrase “coaching” being tossed around here and there. But, are you still are unclear what it is? Learn more about what IS coaching, and if you are open to the experience!