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TCP022 | Utilizing the Energies of the Four Elements for Personal Alchemy

Lately, I’ve become intrigued by the idea or process of “alchemy.”  The basic definition of alchemy is a transformation, “a change in nature, form or quality.” So how to take charge of your own personal alchemy?     For me, it’s about changes and transformations of mind, body and spirit. It’s about the TRANSFORMATION Of […]


TCP020 | Rising to the Occasion and Cracking The Leadership Code

True leaders are recognised as being a catalyst for progress, and those that choose to follow their lead  accept that they need to be guided by that individual. The main observation is the mass do not feel that they are mere sub ordi nates. Leadership  Starts With You!   So, Leadership, what is it and […]


TCP019| Yolanda Shoshana: Becoming Your Own Guru & Listening to Your Inner Voice

My real guru are my experiences in life – the realization that you are alone in this world came very early to me. Kailash Kher   The Beginning  Starts With You! I had the pleasure of conversing with Yolanda Shoshana,  Charmed Lifestyle Expert, Wine Connoisseur, Writer, and Clairvoyant Spiritual guide, and founder of lifestyle brand Bruja Bespoke.  Join us as […]


TCP018| Pushing the Reset Button And Stepping into The Void At The Start of A New Year

No matter how much I protest, I am totally responsible for everything that happens to me in my life. ~ Author Unknown ~ The subtle awareness of the void pulls us relentlessly toward the next high, the next success, the more exciting relationship, the bigger, flashier toy. In being willing to embrace the vulnerability, to […]


TCP017| Vicky auf der Maur: Recognizing & Harnessing the Light Within For Success

The more light you allow within you, the brighter the world you live in will be. Shakti Gawain~    “There are major shifts happening on the planet right now.  People are waking up!  I believe this is the best time to be alive.  Not only is there a new enlightened conversation being had across social media, […]