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Genuine Connections

Approach events such as live workshops, seminars, webinars, and networking parties,  as an opportunity to expand your consciousness, the depth of your reach, and attract those who you can build with because the world needs your magic, your midas touch…the world needs you to SHOW UP!


You are here to honor the calls of your soul, and be guided by your Higher Self into  joyful expansion. Any event will help you again knowledge and as the personal practical alchemist that you are, will apply it and turn it into wisdom.

The result for you is thriving in whatever capacity that is aligned with your frequency, thoughts, feelings, and action. You more in alignment with nature, the Universe, Source.  You are clear on you purpose, passionate about your endeavors, and sovereign in your being.

Grid events

23 February 2017
Martin Luther King Jr. Public Library

Fiverr Networking & Outsource Learning Event

1234 San Fernando St