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New Perspective On Asking for What You Want

New Perspective On Asking for What You Want

My imaginary soul mentor, Ms. Iyanla Vanzant, published an article in Oprah’s O Magazine this month that touches upon “How to Ask for What You Want (Without Seeming Pushy)“. Ms. Vanzant states:

It isn’t always easy to express our desires. We worry that others will see us as pushy or demanding, or that we’ll be turned down. But asking for what you want is a necessary part of life, and I’ve found that the more you practice it, the easier it becomes. Here are the five things I want you to remember:

  1. Ask with commitment.
  2. Ask with awareness.
  3. Ask without fear.
  4. Ask with trust.
  5. Ask without expectations

I personally decided to dive further into exploring these five suggested tips by meditating and coming up with further ideas to incorporate into my daily repertoire:

How can I be more committed with my request?

Your outer drive needs to match your inner drive. You need to be in alignment and in yin and yang balance in order to stay committed and bring into fruition your request. There is a strong emphasis on physical action, taking the initiative to fulfill the duties of what you requested. Carve out time to do whatever you asked, and be willing  to do it!


How can I ask with awareness? 

Through meditation, you’ll become more aware of your thoughts, interest, needs, wants, and petitions. During your meditation, you’ll be able to analyze without over analyzing. Meditate on the scenario and weigh the pros and cons, and then….just let it go and ask. Be in the moment, be enthusiastic on levels of your being, and your consciousness and vibration should be equally matched.


How can I ask without fear? 

Be Confident, Clear, Courageous, and Conscious, because you asking means you are making progress! Even if they say “no”, it still means you are on their radar, and may be considered for a later opportunity. Think creatively on the outcome, and make the choice on a subconscious and emotional level to release fear. If you so happen to experience a “no” trust and believe that there is an opportunity that you truly deserve around the corner.  Don’t be afraid of the no! Actually go for it! In regards to responsibly and fearlessly managing your request, even if you fear that you aren’t adequate, plan out the scenarios and create a game plan. Keep your emotions and intentions in check! Let go of the fear, and forge ahead KNOWING that the highest best outcome will manifest for you at this time, and trust that your Higher Self and the Universe know your past, present, and what the future holds for you.


How can I ask with trust?

Transform your doubt, transform your lack of self worth, transform your perception of your value, and give yourself (and the Universe) credit that you will be delivered what is best for you at this time. Become more aware of your values, your choices, your priorities, and become more discipline in your life when it comes to your actions. When you demonstrate through actions, you build rapport and trust with yourself and the Universe and Divine Intelligence who are working on your behalf.


How can I ask without expectations?

Learn to be cooperative, and be clear with your intentions. Look at all sides like you would a disagreement, and work at making changes that will bring you closer to the outcome you would like. Ask from detachment. Request, let go, and know the outcome and experience will be better than you can comprehend.


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