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It's About The Journey Not The Destination

I made a conscious effort to develop a system that enables you to shift your mindset, build confidence, and get better results. My goal is to help you learn “how to fish” versus catching it for you, and your outcome from your efforts are worth the investment!

Assess & Define The Issue

What is the problem that you want to overcome?

Set Your S.M.A.R.T Goal

What is the outcome you want to experience?

Creat Your Game Plan

What are the steps, resources, and opportunites you will invoke to create your reality?

Transform Through Action

Change doesn't happen by your wishing. What are you doing to work your plan?

Reflect On Your Success

How can you appreciate your results without understanding the cause and reflecting on the lessons?

Various Modalities Used

Focused On Results


Various methods exist for coaching and as your accountability & empowerment partner, we will decide together what is the best method for you to accomplish you goal and overcome your obstacle. This is a very honest and transparent aspect of this phase which will allow you to get a clearer vision on your outcome, and move forward on your path towards transformation.

Manifesting Through Action

This is where I transition from guide to accountability partner, and hold you to your word! In order to make the change you have to not only set your intentions, but take action on your goals, work towards the milestones you created, and surrounding yourself with tribe that will uplift you! Be open to the experience, and that will include the high and lows, the encouragements and the discouragements, and decree the highest to best to manifest!


Finding out who you truly are at work, home, or in your relationships draws you closer to your authenticity and truth. During this time you will acknowledge mindsets, attitudes, and behaviors that are preventing you from aligning and leveraging your purpose. Transform them into empowering assets that will motivate you to take action! With my guidance, you will development goals, allocate resources, and setup milestones for you to move forward in your career/job, your personal life, or your business.

Calibration & Reflection

After about 90 days, the training wheels will need to come off and you will move forward on your journey as the captain of your ship. You will have the tools, information, mindset, and attitude to carry you and guide you into becoming a more proactive individual when it comes to your career, relationship with self & others, or as small business owner. You and I will do some re-focusing and/or revising if need to, and fill your tool belt with the resources and recommendations you need for the next phase.

Included In Your Coaching Package

Alchemical Letters eCourse

A guide ecourse with worksheets, planner, prompts, affirmations to help you navigate through your coaching experience!

Reiki Attunement

All things contain energy, and through your reiki attunement we will set the intention of clearing away blockages on a energetic level that will influence you on an emotional and mental level.

Biweekly Recorded 60 Minute Coaching Session

Coaching session held and recorded via uberconference and get access to our own coaching page.

Mind Mapping & Goal Setting

In order for you to reach your intended destination, you must chart your roadmap and that includes mind mapping, goal setting, and creating your milestones.

Coaching Assignment

Change takes work, and that includes written assignments to help bring things to the forefront! They are assignments for you to work through at your own pace between our sessions.

Archetypal & Intuitive Reading

Top 3 Archetypal energies and templates that you are within you that you can draw upon especially to help you navigate change of a habit or behavior, and accomplish a goal.


You will be supplied resources curated and tailored just for your needs to help you carry out your game plan and reach your goals

Accountability Follow-Up

Email Support via a client portal in between session and located in ONE area. NO more lost emails!

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**Please Note: What is described on this page is the FOUNDATION of the coaching program. Just like each individual on this planet is unique and has different needs, wants, and desired outcomes, so are the overall coaching programs that I offer. They are tailored to fit the individual that I work with in specific areas of their career, spiritual/emotional wellness, or their role as a small business owner.