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Have you ever wondered why is it that you send out 10 applications a day and never get a call back? Isn’t it frustrating when you see a schoolmate with lesser qualifications working in a large organization and earning extremely well?

At times, you might feel trapped in your present circumstances, being clueless about what to do next. It is not about getting a job, it is about securing the job, where you can explore your potential and get a good salary. Your career choices should be smart and meaningful – you need to have a clear head despite the stress and tension associated with job hunting.

This is where career development coaching comes in handy – you can make use of it to identify exactly what you are doing wrong and take necessary corrective action.


Career Development Coaching Steers You in the Right Direction

A single wrong decision or an ill-timed one can make or break your career. But how can you be sure that your choice will benefit and not destroy your career? You can’t predict what will happen in future, but you can chart your course to ensure you are in a good place 5 or 10 years from now.

Regardless of whatever career you select, challenges and hurdles will be thrown your way – you need to learn how to overcome and move ahead, via strategic thinking. Objective analysis and action might be required immediately, and you should have the intelligence to understand whether the parameters are in compliance with your career trajectory.

Career development coaching has the power to unlock your hidden talent and potential, so you can apply those skills to real life situations by furthering professional performance and accomplishing goals.

We adopt a completely customized approach, so you can learn and evolve in a way that is beneficial for you. Please keep in mind that this isn’t an ordinary lecture session that follows a pre-decided curriculum.

This program is developed to address specific requirements instead of general ones, so you can overcome obstacles by successfully utilizing pragmatic, personalized strategies.

As your coach I motivate and inspire, thus acting as your support system. Successful career development coaching lets you plan your future properly and  chalks out a path as to how you make the right choices towards a healthier, happier and more fulfilling life.

What Does Career Development Coaching Entail?

I, Danielle M. Holdman, CPC, am a certified career development coach having vast experience in this area, who has provided successful launch pads for MANY hopefuls at the start of their careers. Take a look at how she can help you:

So Where Do YOU Want To Begin...

Acknowledging Where You Are

Assessing your career graph till date, if you are not a newbie. This is done to find out what you have achieved so far and your mistakes, so that improvements and preventive measures can be suggested respectively.

Defining Your Reality

Your goals are identified so a lucrative career development strategy can be formulated accordingly. If you are a newbie, you start from this stage.

Leverage Your Strengths

Problem areas, strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities are clearly defined, so that road blocks don’t stand in your way of success, and you can utilize every opportunity to your benefit.

Triumph Over Fears

Helping to overcome fears and replace them with confidence and poise. As your coach, she will delve deep to find out the source of the fear and eradicate it accordingly.

Understanding Your Value

You will get to know about areas you excel in, in order to understand the type of jobs best suited for someone with your qualifications. Redefining your relationship with money, so that you eventually get your dream salary. Your beliefs and ideas about money are explored in detail, to make sure they are not impeding your career options. Salary negotiation techniques will also be taught.

Showcase Your Skills, Construct Your Personal Brand

Creating excellent resumes that catch the eye of the interviewer or whoever is responsible for shortlisting candidates.

This is just a drop in the bucket when it comes to career development coaching! Sign up Today to get started with your Career Coaching

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