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Small Business Startup Signature Premium Coaching


We have constituted a special program for budding entrepreneurs who want to venture into a service-based business, start a store, or sell a particular product(s).

Before you actually take the plunge, you need to know the ins and outs of marketing, creating a website, packaging and pricing the products or services, identifying the target market, roping in more customers by generating solid leads, maintaining profits and working towards boosting them, and so on.

Of course you have to fit in ample press coverage – it is a boon for small businesses and help in popularizing them both locally and globally. More than ever, you should have the confidence, grit, and determination to follow through your plan.

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Small Business Coaching Program – Dare to Dream!

Small businesses are flourishing these days. However, even the ones that are thriving come under the category that weathered the storm unlike those who began with a bang, but then went kaput!

A single wrong decision or an ill-timed one can make or break your small business. But how can you be sure that your choice will benefit and not destroy your small business? You can’t predict what will happen in future, but you can chart your course to ensure you are in a good place 5 or 10 years from now.

Regardless of whatever career you select, challenges and hurdles will be thrown your way – you need to learn how to overcome and move ahead, via strategic thinking. Objective analysis and action might be required immediately, and you should have the intelligence to understand whether the parameters are in compliance with your business trajectory.

Small Business coaching has the power to unlock your hidden talent and potential for you as an entrepreneur, so you can apply those skills to small business situations by furthering your professional performance and accomplishing goals.

We adopt a completely customized approach, so you can learn and evolve in a way that is beneficial for you. Please keep in mind that this isn’t an ordinary lecture session that follows a pre-decided curriculum.

This program is developed to address specific requirements instead of general ones, so you can overcome obstacles by successfully utilizing pragmatic, personalized strategies.

As your coach I motivate and inspire, thus acting as your support system. Successful small business coaching lets you plan your future properly and  chalks out a path as to how you make the right choices towards a healthier, happier and more fulfilling life.

Our Small Business Coaching Program Will Help You Start Up Your Dreams!

I, Danielle M. Holdman, CPC, am a certified small Business coach having vast experience in this area, who has provided successful launch pads for MANY hopefuls at the start of their business development. Take a look at how I can help you:

Revolutionary Small Business Growth Support

Dare to dream. Dare to take risks. Dare to run a sustainable small business and contribute to your local community! Dare to be you!

Integrate the “community catalyst” mindset

A successful business is not always about following fixed rules – it is about getting into the right frame of mind to do something you have never done before. It will help you to weather the storm of the struggle period.

Carving out your community

Who is your ideal client? Who do you want to provide the service or product for? We help you spot the perfect customers, reach masses, and discover how you can offer them optimal solutions to their problems.

The message, mission & vision

How can you market your products and services to clients? How can you convince them to trust you? We assist in creating unique marketing messages, tagline, elevator pitch, etc., so the clients are persuaded via your marketing skills and have already hired you in their minds before calling or emailing.

Understand the market and competitors

In-depth knowledge of your industry, market, and rivals are necessary so you can stay a step ahead, especially if there are several players engaged in stiff competition with each other. Share your story with clients – establish your genuineness and signature.

Plus others features you’ve come to expect from The Coaching Parlour!

Crafting your signature service and/or product

Time to carve your own niche – you need to prove to your customers that you understand their problems. This is accomplished by developing a blueprint, which is a detailed program that outlines as to how you can resolve their issues and what results are to be expected. This part will be fine tuned during a test phase via feedback from pro bono clients.

Shine in your role

Besides positioning your brand in the market, we will teach you how to serve accurately in the proper way by clinching the deal every time. You will deliver what was promised.

Design the business model and pinpoint distribution

Learn to capitalize on your talents, so you can price and package what you know, and distribute them on the best suited platforms. In this stage, your service offerings are created and packaged into rewarding programs that appeal to prospects.

Lead generations

Creating a marketing optimized website is absolutely necessary, as it can get you quality leads from online traffic. Ensure this distribution system is consistent – get clients interested via weekly newsletters, blog content and free gifts.

Systematize your business

Every business is different – we aid you in forming a system that is unique to your business practices and goals. This is done to enhance efficiency and prevent it from going haywire.


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