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An unconventional metaphysical & transpersonal based business & leadership program and journal for entrepreneurs, influencers, alchemist, activists & leaders!

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Navigate the Alchemical Process Towards Freedom

Clarity That Leads To Understanding

The Alchemical Process is a common human experience which entails you breaking down only to be built back up.! Unfortunately, for many it comes in the form of the dark night of the soul, a brutal experience that aids in the transformation & transcendence ( painful death & rebirth) of your false identity. Luckily,  you don’t have to going through this blindly!


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Hello! I AM Danielle Holdman, and the core of what I do is assist you in identifying how your current multi-body state is manifesting itself in energetic patterns that are influencing your life. 

I will guide you in transmuting blockages and merging with your truth so you can lead, perform, and fully assume ownership of your role as a conscious leader or business owner. 

Empowerment, Esteem & Communication

Cycles Of

Transformation & Transcendence

Having “woken” up you need guidance in integrating new ideas, experiences, and aspects to feel and be WHOLE, and navigate towards your Highest Spiritual Potential with this new wisdom.


I will work with you if you are experiencing any of these phases in your life and are OPEN and READY to play in the mysteries of your inner universe, uncovering truths, realizations, and sacred secrets that help you let go of what has historically not been working for you in the past.



You are aware of a shift that has taken place within your conscious, and need some clarity, direction, and possibly a new game plan.



Your mind and emotions are all over the place and have overwhelmed you. Therefore you may be stuck on what direction you need to take, and need a different perspective and accountability.



You are in the process of a release that at first glance is painful and a confusing experience. You understand that this is part of growth, but need the support.

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Sometimes, all you need is that little “push” to get you started on the next step. Consulting with me while help you transmute the blockages that are preventing you from moving forward and clear up ANY bottlenecks within your game plan.

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