I help identify the energetic patterns that are dominating your present multi-bodied state, and guide you in transmuting and integrating blockages. You experience clarity that influences how you relate to yourself, your relationships, vocation, and the environments around you.









The coaching and counseling services that I provide, creates a space for an individual to undergo a safe metamorphosis in their lifestyle without spiritual bypassing. It facilitates the pathway to a healthier relationship with their mental framework, emotional state, and ownership of how they show up and interact in the world. This new way of being allows the alchemist clear access to their purpose, flourish, and have sovereignty of their soul’s everyday experiences.


My value based coaching and counseling will encourage and motivate you to take practical action that based on unconventional ideas. It will influence your decision accepting your respected role and responsibility as a co-creator in your transformed reality.

Speaker & Writer

The topics that I speak and write about are on a range of topics from the importance of Shadow Work Integration in order to reach our Highest Spiritual Potential, experiencing the Transpersonal through Archetypes, Cycles, and everyday living. I also discuss the importance of our Vocation, Organizational Spirituality, and harnessing the power of our Energy Psychic Centers (Chakras) by living through our Intuition.

Workshops Developer & Facilitator

I enjoy enabling groups and organizations to work more effectively, gain awareness, collaborate and achieve synergy through discussions, seminars masterminds, and workshops that promote a healthy mindset, emotional and spiritual intelligence.

Who Am I?

I approach my practice, mundane living, coaching, counseling, and creative projects with an alchemical mixture of sass, funk, soul, and magick.

I am a Metaphysical Practitioner and Ordained Metaphysical Minister, a Reiki Master Teacher, Certified Neuro-linguistic Programmer Practitioner, leading speaker, and Certified Professional Coach, holding a degree in Business Administration from Fairleigh Dickinson University (FDU) with a concentration in marketing. I am continually learning and expanding my understanding to support my clients, and currently am working towards a Pastoral PhD in Conscious Business Ethics (expected in 2020), as well as my Masters in Metaphysical Science focusing my thesis around shadow work integration to propel and individual towards their highest spiritual potential.

Leo Sun | Virgo Moon | Scorpio Rising

I am also the host of the critically acclaimed podcast, “The Alchemy Parlour”, available on Spotify, Apple Podcast, Google Play, and Stitcher Radio.

The past 14 years of my journey have been learning from my experience in marketing, branding, and media skills for a wide range of companies. I was the founder of an online magazine, and I am a creator of products & courses. Today, in addition to the time I spend writing, teaching, and holding sacred space for my clients through coaching, I also practice and lead intuitive reading, energy, and monthly fellowship circles, both on- and offline, primarily in the San Francisco Bay Area.


I will work with you IF you are experiencing any of these phases in your life and are OPEN and READY to play in the mysteries of your inner universe, uncovering truths, realizations, and sacred secrets that help you let go of what has historically not been working for you in the past.


You are aware of a shift that has taken place within your conscious, and need some clarity, direction, and possibly a new game plan.


Your mind and emotions are all over the place and have overwhelmed you. Therefore you may be stuck on what direction you need to take, and need a different perspective and accountability.


You are in the process of a release that at first glance is painful and a confusing experience. You understand that this is part of growth, but need the support.


Having “woken” up you need guidance in integrating new ideas, experiences, and aspects to feel and be WHOLE, and navigate towards your Highest Spiritual Potential with this new wisdom.


Unconventional Coaching, Counseling & Workshops for YOU

Each service is to help you gain insight, acknowledge the issue that you want to transform, and take the necessary steps to disrupt patterns in your life that preventing you from taking ownership of and propelling you forward in your journey. Sacred space is held for you to unpack what’s going on within, and be honest with yourself.

Laser Coaching & Counseling Reading

One 90 min – 2 Hr Session

Walk away with clarity, immediate answers, or a possible solution to the issue that has been zapping your energy.

Sometimes you don’t need a full blown coaching program. A quick (or two sessions) will do, pointing you in the right direction, with the next steps you need to take. This Laser Coaching & Counseling is interactive in where not only do I interpret the message you are receiving from your Higher Self through cards, but YOU will as well! This service can be Live (cost higher) or pre-ordered, and you will receive the reading & my interpretation 7-9 business days later.

You will receive:

  • Receive an Audio or Video recording
  • Personal digital guidebook w/recommendations
  • Follow-up Question during session (Live Only)
  • Game planning & mind-mapping (Live Only
  • Follow up email 15-30 days after session.
Vocation Alchemy Immersion

12 Week Program

Take ownership of your career through finding your purpose, tuning in energetically aligning with your calling, and growing your business or platform.

Your vocation is a just as much as a practical daily devotion just as it is something you are making a living by. Majority of our life is dedicated to your 8 hour job, or small business! We invest money, time, and even some mistakes in order to generate more than enough money to supply our basic needs. Vocation Alchemy Immersion was created to help you get the guidance you need to take control of the direction of your career, and be proactive in the developments. This is for the individual who just graduate from college, want to develop a personal brand and platform, start a side hustle or small business, were laid -off, or want to change careers!

You will receive:

  • Alchemical Letters: Vocation Alchemy Immersion
  • Reiki Energy Attunement
  • Physical Coaching Sessions Journal
  • Vocational Chart Reading
  • Archetypal Intuitive Reading
  • Mind Mapping & Goal Setting
  • Resources
  • Weekly Accountability Coaching (via video or In person)

Shadow Integration Immersion

12 Week Program

Healing experience through acknowledgement, acceptance, and integration that may result into Divine SUPERPOWERS! Crying, frustration, and sacred anger may be included!

The Shadow is something that we all have, yet is often ignored. Originally brought to the forefront and explored by Swiss psychologist, Carl E. Jung, The Shadow Integration Immersion is ANTI SPIRITUAL BYPASSING instead focusing on that which needs to be acknowledged, understood, healed, reprogrammed, and integrated. Once the lights are turned on, you will see that there lies opportunity.

You will receive:

  • Alchemical Letters: Shadow Integration Client Course
  • Reiki Energy Attunement
  • Archetypal Intutive Reading
  • Physical Coaching Sessions Journal
  • Resources
  • Coaching Assignments& journal
  • Weekly Video (or In Person) Coaching & Accountability calls
  • Client Portal Communication
  • Bi-Weekly Email follow up, up to 3 months after program is finished.
Transpersonal Creativity Intensive

Half or Full Day Intensive

Because sometimes you need to bounce around ideas off of or get help tapping into your own creative gifts.

We are all born creators. It is our birthright and a gift that either hasn’t been tapped into and need some guidance and a space to unfold, or you have so many ideas that you need to unwind and focus towards manifestation. Transpersonal creativity intensive (IN PERSON ONLY) was designed to use your spiritual energy, the collective conscious’s archetypes, and the elements to HOLISTICALLY come up with ideas to create solutions, products, services, programs, or a business.

You will receive:

  • The day starts and ends with a ritual, invocation, visualization, guided meditation & prayer
  • Reiki Energy Healing
  • Intuitive Interactive Reading
  • Mind-Mapping & Goal Setting
  • Workbook
  • Creating Your Emotional Story
  • Gathering Resources & Constructing Containers
“My work is like a dialogue between me and unseen powers.”

—Cai Guo-Qiang—


It’s about the journey not the destination

I made a conscious effort to develop a system that enables you to shift your mindset, build confidence, and get better results. My goal is to help you learn, “how to fish” versus catching it for you, and your outcome from your efforts are worth the investments.


Assess, Define The Issue

What is the problem that you want to overcome?


Create Your Goals & Game Plan

What is the outcome you want to experience? What are the steps, resources, and opportunities you will invoke to create your reality?


Transform Through Action

Change doesn’t happen by your wishing. What are you doing to work your plan?


Reflect On Your Success

How can you appreciate your results without understanding the cause and reflecting on the lessons?

What is described on this page is the FOUNDATION of the coaching program. Just like each individual on this planet is unique and has different needs, wants, and desired outcomes, so are the overall coaching programs that I offer. They are tailored to fit the individual that I work with in specific areas of their career, spiritual/emotional wellness, or their role as a small business owner.

Cosmic Creatrix

Work In progress – Current Projects – Mood Board

Peace Activist, Mary Lou Cook, once said, “Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes and having fun”, which is something that I wholeheartedly believe. In addition to creativity being a direct line between the individual and Source! My work, creativity and marrying the Intuitive Sacred Arts, the Elements (Fire, Air, Water, Earth & Spirit) along with mundane practicality and logic allows me to express myself in unconventional ways. Ways that may be shun by some individuals and accepted by others! But most importantly makes me feel whole and living in my highest spiritual potential. From tarot, astrology, business strategy, and energy healing, check out some of my bohemian and traditional ways that I am creating and expressing myself!

Interesting Tidbit


A quote that was on an African American painting gifted to me by my mother that I had from Jr high (12) school all the way up to after my first Saturn return (30)!! Interesting the hints, Source drops to alert you what your true calling and purpose entails. In my case, since I was a child!



As an ordained metaphysical minister & practitioner, by the International Metaphysical Ministry, I hold sacred safe space through my platforms on and offline for individuals to explore their Soul(true Self) in their Shadows and through their Highest Spiritual Potential.

Practical Alchemist Cypher

With the B.S that’s plaguing our societies, it is important to recognize the truth,love, roughness, and rawness that is STILL within each other.

Currently held monthly BOTH online during the new moon, via live stream Youtube and around the Full Moon, offline in the San Francisco Bay Area, Practical Alchemist Cypher is tailored around bridging the spirituality with our personal, professional, and social development.

Media & Goods

Platforms Available

“Because of them I can now live the dream. I am the seed of the free, and I know it. I intend to bear great fruit.” –Sojourner Truth

I created these multi-platforms, as digital fruit to share, information to uplift you and others, showcase resources and tools to help you navigate their life, and present another perspective!


The Alchemy Parlour


Navigating Life With A Coach

Weekly Videos On Youtube

The Parlour Sessions

Soulful Goods & Wares

The Vault

I want to be a catalyst
in your life!

Sometimes is just that one phrase, that one word, that one talk that gets you going in the right direction: either inwards or outwards. If you are interested in me be a guest on your show, or give a discussion at your event, feel free to…

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