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My name is Danielle, and I like long walks in the park at dusk, lofi music, hazelnut coffee, the childlike wonder that dogs and cats exhibit, content creation, and writing in my chromebook while watching the rain outside.


Okay, that is probably not the bio you expected, especially since it sounds like the intro sentence to a dating profile.  


But you have to admit, when searching for an individual to partner with in the development of your professional and personal life, you should vet them out the same way you would someone you are considering for marriage (oh yeah!).


In life you may feel as if you are alone. 

You aren’t. 


There is ALWAYS someone who is willing to provide sacred space so you can unwind, debrief, breakdown, and strengthen your loins for the next leg of your journey.


Your head is probably buzzing with inspiration, ideas, and options, but you don’t know where to start or how to sort through the chaos.  


*raises hand*


Based on my intuition, practical guidance, tools and resources, I can offer you an unbiased perspective and help you navigate the path. 


Thus, you can pursue your business project, get promoted up the career ladder or take advantage of your leadership skills.


Perhaps you realized that the world is bigger than your company and that it needs to step outside of its own paradigm. 


Diversity and inclusivity are vital elements of the world we live in, and we must be aware of this in order for businesses to operate ethically and in a multi-dimensional manner. 


If you’re interested in the points raised above, feel free to read on to discover more about my vision, mission, values, purpose, how I serve, and what I do below.

My Purpose

Danielle M. Holdman, CPC, M.Msc

MY Vision

In the community that I serve, I envision that my members will fully comprehend their worth as spiritual beings having a human experience, and their significance of their purpose realized in authentic leadership. In order to maintain the integrity of their leadership, they intentionally build an ethical business culture that reflects the potential and resources of all communities.

My Mission

My mission is to deliver advice, intuitive insight, practical solutions, and an accessible platform to foster the distillation of your authentic leadership style and further position your business and brand to become more conscious and embody ethical principles.

I value

What I value is the inspiration you give me. Through meaningful conversations and questions, I partner with and motivate you. Igniting your fire, activating change that supports you to take action.

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Business Administration Marketing (B.S)– Fairleigh Dickinson University -Teaneck

Metaphysics (B.Msc) – University of Metaphysics

Metaphysics – Shadow Work Integration (M.Msc.) – University of Metaphysics

Conscious Business Ethics  (Pastoral Ph.d Candidate) – University of Sedona




Certified Professional Coach – Fowler International Academy

Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming – Association for  Integrative Psychology 

Ordained Metaphysical Minister & Practitioner – International Metaphysical Ministry

Upcoming Book(s)

Regenerating Your Awareness  (Working title-Fall 2021)

Media Presence

  • The Alchemy Parlour Podcast (Host)
  • Curation Loft (Host)
  • Urbane Perspective (Host)

What They Say!


I enjoy working with people who are wanting to truly live, build, grow, and enjoy life. Whether it's private coaching, providing an intuitive analysis, or even participating in a master class, don't take my word for it. Read these testimonials.

Meet Danielle M. Holdman, CPC, M.Msc

Who You Are Working With


It is the mind that makes the body

I sincerely align with the idea.


All of what we experience in the body, what manifests in our inner and outer visions, and what is palpable with our physical and emotional eyes all starts with the mind.


 The Divine Mind.


What we chose to experience we create with our  imagination, or as I would like to call it, I.Magi.Nation! 


It is indeed a blessing from the Most High for me to connect with my imagination and visualize what I envision to be possible.


In co-creation with a Higher Power, we have the choice to decide how we will experience life, whether through our proactive or reactionary decisions. 


Despite my perpetual optimism, I am very aware of the dual nature of reality. 


Therefore, it’s important to harness your individual power, express your views in a way that elevates you to steer clear of the quiet noise originating from within and what is being projected back at you.


The importance of manifesting your creative expression to reach your dreams is crucial to personal development and career success, especially in the sphere of business, leadership, and the artistry of life.


A New Way
Of Business

Converging conscious business, metaphysics, and conscious leadership into one platform, I want to help individuals like you, embrace the new paradigm we are experiencing collectively in business evolution. 


Today, mission-driven businesses are leading the way; social impact entrepreneurs, thought-provoking leaders, and CEO’s prioritizing people above profit are now a reality and at the forefront.  


So where do you fit in?


It is captivating to witness the forward-thinking alchemists of today, such as yourself, realigning and engaging in your mission in life and deepening your roots. 


We grow and develop our connection to ourselves, our purpose and higher consciousness by making a choice and taking a path.


You too are no different, whether you are climbing the metaphorical career ladder, or innovating within your business. The experience challenges, enriches, and evolves your soul. 


By Any means Necessary

With each session I facilitate, my intuition guides me, which is the spiritual intelligence that leads me to skillfully coach, facilitate sessions, and help you grow your business and create milestones within your career. 


My goal while we work together, is for us  to plot your goals, create a strategy that involves overcoming the grasping depths of your shadow, move through challenges, reprogramming your mindset so that you can lead with confidence and trust, and be ready for any opportunity you come across. 


With the ongoing support of our sessions, I will facilitate the development of your vision and mission, values, milestones, and goals.


Through the following modalities:

  1. Jungian Psychology
  2. Archetypal Astrology
  3. Intuitive interpretation and analysis, 
  4. Traditional coaching and counselling
  5. Neuro-linguistic programming

I help you determine what career path and opportunities are best for you. 

In addition, we will explore where you can find and live in your purpose, regenerate and eventually overcome the clutches of your shadow conditioning, and excel in your business and career.


the way we work

A variety of support can be provided to you, including researched information presented in several multimedia formats including the podcast I host, The Alchemy Parlour, a resources directory of vetted affiliated services and products. aside from my own, and  an upcoming monthly membership program and community.



An upcoming Unity Through Diversity mindfulness and coaching program will teach participants the power of mindful living and operating at work in a more empowering manner.


Additionally, it will enable you to restructure your business atmosphere so that the ethics of the company are aligned with the different perspectives and experiences that are advantageous to the overall company culture and community it serves. 


I look forward to working with you soon!


Until Next Time, Namaste`

My Aim in partnership with you

My Intentions


I intend to empower you to identify what patterns of energetic energy dominate your present multi-body condition, and guide you to transmute blocks, heal holistically, become aware of your unique leadership, and fully embrace it.


It is my intention to help you cultivate the archetypes you hold within yourself, your business, and your brand so they align with your goals and bottom line.


My intention is to help you discover your unique gifts, and to develop your mission, so that vision becomes actualized into action.


Given this, it is my intention to support, uphold, and embrace the diverse points of view that exist in our society, and also to recognize how important it is to include those perspectives, including yours and mine, in our business community. 



From my heart, soul, and mind to you. All rooted in love, service, compassion, grace with plutonian directness! Below are various paths to get where you need to go! Check them out and don't forget to share the love! Look forward to working with you soon!


Learn more about your soul’s leadership  style and dominate gift that will help you live a life with more contentment in your spirituality, career, and personal relationships. 


Inspiration, interviews, spiritual mind treatments on the go on a variety of esoteric, spiritual, and metaphysical self help subjects in the privacy of your ear!


Original & Curated Video, Audio, and Written Work on the intersection of conscious business, metaphysics, conscious leadership. Plus the support your mind, body, heart & soul needs!

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Guidance When You Need It

Insight & Movement

You may seek assistance from your friends, but more often than not you need expert guidance and unbiased insight. Check the offerings that are currently available to facilitate you towards the next step.

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