Audio | Amber Choisella: Spiritual Development or a Psychosis, Developing Your Psychic Faculties

Welcome to episode 72 of The Alchemy Parlour podcast. In this episode join me and my guest alchemist, Amber Choisella, as we discuss Experiencing Spiritual Development or a Psychosis, Developing Your Psychic Faculties, Connecting with Spirit and Channeling it into Practical Living and Wholeness!

Unbeknownst to you, as you move along through life and experience some type of metamorphosis you are providing example of effective and healthy change that is teaching others.

Exuding from your pores is a level of Spiritual Confidence that only self-awareness, psychic exercise, compassion, and grace can create. You gave yourself permission to Blossom and Rise (as our guest alchemist states), to fully take on life’s challenges, but also take ownership of your innate gifts that can help you navigate the obstacles that truly are blessings in disguise.

In a society where anything beyond the physical senses is stereotyped as witchy, evil, out of this world, a figment of our imagination, or even a sign that you are “crazy”, it’s important that we go against that planted propaganda and dive in and discover our own truths around our spiritual gifts. Can it be used for ill-intentions…umm yeah…but can it be used for good….ummm yeah. Majority, if not all gifts have a shadow and illuminated aspect of it.

That is why it’s important to focus on your personal growth so that it can strengthen your spiritual maturity before you start interacting with your psychic clairs and gifts.

Are these signs that you may have some sort of psychosis? Well, I always advise if you feel that you need to seek medical attention, please do so. In this episode we also discuss with our guest who is not only a Spiritual Medium, but also a therapist how to tell if your spiritual gifts are making themselves known to you, or if you are in fact having a psychosis.

Join us as we discuss the following: 

  • When it comes to mental health & mental illness, Why it’s important for an individual not to self-diagnose
  • Why  spiritual development and therapy are complementary instead a replacement of each other
  • The 6 Clairs and how can someone identify which one is their lead/dominant.
  • How one can strengthen their connection with Spirit through their Clairs

…..oh, and MORE!

                          …and more!

Resources Mentioned In This Episode

About Amber Choisella

Amber Choisella is a psychic medium, therapist, and a spiritual development mentor. She holds a Master’s degree for Clinical Mental Health Counseling, a Bachelor’s degree for Metaphysical Counseling, and currently possesses ministerial status through the University of Metaphysics. She is currently working on her Master’s level for metaphysical counseling. She first experienced spiritual phenomena as a child and has been continuously developing her spiritualistic abilities to assist human consciousness at this time.

Amber grew up experiencing spiritual phenomena that created fear and anxiety from childhood up until adulthood. It wasn’t until the passing of her grandfather, where she experienced a “knowing” that he would pass, that she decided to develop her spiritual gifts further. Counseling was AMAZING for her as an adolescent so she decided to give back others the same way counseling had done for her, BUT, realized she was missing a serious significant aspect of her work and that was the spiritual component. Amber believes that spirituality is an essential component of one’s overall wellness.

She created Blossom and Rise, to assist others in developing their innate spiritual abilities, aid in recognizing and removing energetic blockages, provide psychic mediumship readings, and counsel/support clients in reaching their highest best throughout life’s challenges. Amber thrives in helping others and loves to share knowledge and encourage growth in others!

Episode Energy Reading

Overall Lesson: – 6 of Swords: Where are you directing your Inspiration and the intel that you gather via your sensors, and how are you supporting the development of your psychic centers?

Opportunity: There is an opportunity for you to allow spiritual Intelligence to move throughout you body, activating dormant traits that you are mature enough to embrace, embody, and master. Guiding you towards your evolution.

Challenge: Continue to exercise your capabilities even if it doesn’t seem like you are making progress. I’s like physical exercise, development cannot be, if their is no movement, no sacrifice-no gain. . Claim it, and fully embody your clairs.

  • I see/think: I shift my perspective, and understanding has the divine in human form, that I have innate the ability to communicate and receive intel beyond what I see and experience with my physical eyes and physical senses.
  • I am: inspired by the feedback I receive from intentionally and consistently exercising the development of clairs, and deciphering the information I receive from actually using my spiritual gifts.
  • I feel: empowered by the unfolding of my spiritual gifts and the development of my clairs, and how it is helping me become more confident
  • I do/ I produce: I continue to develop my spiritual skills and gifts to help me navigate through life, and use them to decipher information, make the highest and best decision (which is a form of creation) for my own life, and help those who are open to and receptive to the assistance.

Spiritual Treatment Affirmation

“I am using my innate gifts to help me create and evolve through deciphering abstract information through my clairs, fully understanding what I received, and making the best logical yet ethical decision that has long-term affects. So Be it.”

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