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Audio | Amina Al Tai: The Importance of Prioritizing Wellness Over Hustling & the Effects it has on the Mind, Body &Soul

Welcome to Episode 54 of The Coaching Parlour podcast! In this episode, join me and my guest alchemist: Amina Al Tai while we discuss The Importance of Prioritizing Wellness Over Hustling and the Effects It Has On The Mind, Body, and Soul.

We live in a society where Hustle and Grinding are the Dominate messages that ring through our Collective’s Conscious. Posts on social media, state that we will sleep when we are dead,or that you need to have all the luxuries and riches that life has to offer, or to make your dream come true you need to work 16 hours out of the 24 hours within a day. GO, Go, Go…..

But have we forgotten the importance of our health, have we listened to what our body is telling us. As partners with our bodies within this journey and spiritual experiment we call physical reality, it’s important that we invest in our health and overall wellness, because it’s the truth WEALTH that we need to help us not only live, but experience life to the fullest.

I’m personally having a greater innerstanding, that there is nothing vain about looking, and feeling good because it’s has an direct effect on your output needed to manifest your wants, needs, and desires in your life. It being in your best wealth of health gives you the chance to FULLY show up and experience life and the cornucopia of blessings that it has to offer to you.

So, if you are constantly on the go working your 8-12 hour shift, are a freelancer, side hustler, or Full-time small business owner, remember in order to enjoy your future dividends, you need to invest in your present by investing in your health.

It’s okay to slow down and not be in a race against time, or anyone else, and pivot towards a abundance mentality vs a scarcity one that is dictating your mindset having to stay hustling NON-STOP with the sleep when you are dead attitude,

Because remember this is a conversation and intent that you are telling yourself and the body is consuming and responding to your command.

Join us as we go over key points such as:

  • If the Hustle Culture has done more damage than good to our overall well being.
  • The Importance Nourishment and the Variety Of Ways It Shows Up.
  • Why We Need To Prioritize Sleep.
  • 3 Actions Steps To Get Unstuck When Revitalizing Our Wellness

 … personal stories, and more!

About Amina Al Tai

Nationally recognized expert Amina AlTai believes that authentic health and a booming business can arise only from an integrative approach. With 12 years of marketing and brand management experience + training in nutrition, fitness and mindfulness—Amina believes that being nourished & having a healthy bottom line are intrinsically tied.

After several years of pushing her physical limits in order to achieve business success, Amina experienced her own burnout—developing two autoimmune diseases and a whole host of food allergies. She realized that in order to get where she wanted to go in business, she needed to nourish herself in all the right ways first. Because her health physical and emotional health meant the business could thrive too. Now she pays it forward and teaches others how to fill up in all the right ways, in business and in life.

To learn more about Amina Al Tai, visit:

Episode Energy Reading

The 10 of Wands join us in this conversation setting the energy intention of this epsiode.

Burnout is the experience of your ideals, goals, aspirations, being weighed down by the limitations of our physical body. For that we are limited by the world around us, although our drive and soul is expansive it sees the past, present, and t future, expecting you to already be there.

But limitations aren’t always a bad thing.

The 10 of wands message is asking us to respect the physical world around you and that includes your body’s insight & wisdom.

Your body wants to work with you, but you need to give it the fuel that it needs in order for it to work at full capacity. You are limiting your band width, you are always depleting, your energy by things and ideals that are unnecessary and depleting your energy.

What is the Unnecessary?

unhealthy food, media, conversation, pointless distractions, anxiety, worry, and the illusion of competition.

When you learn to become aligned with your inner world, your external environment adjust automatically.

What are you racing against?

Why are you going against the tides instead of flowing with the waves .

What time are you living your day to day life by?
Linear Timing
Divine Timing,
Or Both?

Sometimes we think know best.

Remember Your mind is connected to the mental realm

Yes your dreams, goals, and aspirations are great indicators of the direction that we need to go in. Our minds channeling from the abstract world can bring to you your conscious all types of ideas and concepts that influence your desires and feelings.

There is always MORE to see, do, and make happen and Urgent! YOu are always in a rush like the while rabbit in Alice in Wonderland.

Yes you need to take action,
Absolutely you need to take advantage of opportunities, in order to manifest the change in pattern to get you where you need to go.

But remember: What’s yours is not going to pass you by! So, It’s is MORE than okay to slow down!

Or else your health will cause a necessary stop, and give you a reality check!

The 10 of Wands is urging you to ask yourself?

what is it that you REALLY NEED…not want…. to experience and enjoy life? And ask yourself, if your wants are really YOUR wants, or is it being projected upon you by external forces leading you to believe this what you really need and you need to chase after it leading to overwhelm and burn out?

It’s time to eliminate what you no longer need, and let go of the direction that you wanted to go in, and use your internal GPS to go towards the direction you need to go into.

Or better yet
ask your body and your soul what is the true reality that is the highest and best for you.

The direction you need to flow towards where you will be safe, successful, and in the best health.

Therefore, you will able to fully enjoy your journey, the scenery, and destination. and realize the fuel that is going to get you there is your mental & emotional wellness, and physical health.

Spiritual Treatment Affirmation

“I slow down, and refocus my attention from external distractions, and become aware of my body’s wisdom. Nourishing it with it’s wants & needs, knowing that the biggest return of invest in my overall wellness & success, is the wealth of my health.”

So be it.

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