Audio | Ananda Leeke: Mindfulness and Intuition Can Help One To Navigate The Co-Emergence of Technology and the Online World

Welcome to episode 63 of The Alchemy Parlour podcast. In this episode join me and my guest alchemist, Ananda Leeke as we discuss  How Mindfulness and Intuition Can Help One To Navigate The Co-Emergence of Technology and the Online World.

It’s interesting that we are talking about this subject at this Divine timing, because in my inbox I received from the Wisdom 2.0 Newsletter penned by the founder, Soren, regarding Apple Ceo, Tim Cook, Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio Cortex, and Twitter Co-Founder Ev Williams all speaking upon the fact that technology (and i am paraphrasing here) has infiltrated our lives.

Apple CEO Tim Cook: “If you’re looking at a phone more than someone’s eyes, you’re doing the wrong thing.”

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez: “Social media poses a public health risk to everybody.”

Ev Williams: “Our attention has been hijacked, and it has primarily been hijacked by advertising-driven business models that are not driven to make us more wise.”

And Soren asks us the reader, ““How can technology work with instead of against our attention?” wrapping it up with “Yet even as the tech companies shift to work with our attention more, our work is still the same: to wake up, to live more present. And this is an inside job. Sitting silently with ourselves, connecting to others, understanding what holds us back, no person or app can do our work for us.”

I, Danielle, say this to you, the listener of this episode, your relationship with technology, and social media is your responsibility. It’s up to you, to develop better habits when engaging with your devices and on social media platforms and becoming more mindful with consuming and developing boundaries.

It’s important that we catch ourselves from living on autopilot, depending on Siri, Alexa, and Google assistant and be present appreciating the little moments around us. Exercising our intuition when navigating the astral tech environment of the world wide web which boast of connecting us to everything…everywhere. Exciting and convenient as it may seem, you may on a unconscious level be giving it permission to overrun your life, and hijack your attention. Steering it away what what it’s important, the present time and space around you, but more important within.

Join us as we go over key points such as:

  • The relation between mindfulness and meditation.
  • Why it’s important for one to tap into and listen to their intuition when engaging online.
  • Overcome digital distraction with time management and unplugging practices.
  • The use self-care practices an intricate part of managing one’s relationship with technology.

...and more!


About Ananda Leeke

Ananda Leeke discovered mindfulness when her career as a young lawyer and investment banker did not produce the level of success she expected. During her healing journey, Ananda studied and practiced meditation, reiki, yoga, art, and creative writing. As a result, she became a certified yoga and mindfulness teacher, reiki master practitioner, and artist-in-residence for the Smith Center for Healing and the Arts.

Today, she listens to her heart and follows her intuition to help high achievers and organizations outsmart stress, tap into creativity, and have a healthy relationship with technology as the Chief Mindfulness Officer of Ananda Leeke Consulting, a personal and professional development firm.

In addition, she hosts and produces the Thriving Mindfully Show on Eaton Radio and teaches meditation classes at Eaton Wellness DC, lululemon, and Qi Kratom CBD Tea in Washington, DC. In 2019, lululemon selected her to serve as a lululemon luminary.

Her books, Love’s Troubadours, a yoga-inspired novel; That Which Awakens Me, a mindful creativity memoir; and Digital Sisterhood, a mindful technology memoir, are available on Amazon.

In addition, she regularly shares her meditation, mindfulness, and social media expertise as a commentator on WHUR 96.3 FM.

Episode Energy Reading

From here on out we are going to switch it up and pull three cards in the respective space of Opportunity, Challenge, and Lesson.

Interesting side-note: When looking up “Opportunity” on two synonyms (among others) that came up are space and time. So keep that in mind whenever you hear me reference opportunity in a reading.

Card pulled is the 9 of Swords. Please listen to podcast episode to review the reading.

Spiritual Treatment Affirmation

“I embody a frequency that allows space for me to be presently aware of my environment in my body, in my mind, within my emotions online and offline and I navigate more wisely. ” So be it.

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