Baljit Rayat - Sacred Geometry & Sound: How it Influences Our Conscious, Creativity and Connection

Audio | Baljit Rayat - Sacred Geometry & Sound: How it Influences Our Conscious, Creativity and Connection

Welcome to episode 70 of The Alchemy Parlour podcast. In this episode join me and my guest alchemist, Baljit Rayat of Lotus Destiny, as we discuss Sacred Geometry & Sound how it influences our Conscious, Creativity and Connection.

What images comes to mind when you hear the words, Matrix, Algorithm, and Simulation. They are all relative to what we call Sacred Geometry. Hmm…come to think about it..maybe we should’ve paid attention to geometry more during sophomore year in High School. But Sacred Geometry goes beyond drawing shapes with 30, 60, 90 degree angles with our protractors.

We witness the miracle and artistry of sacred geometry, which is empowered by a vast consciousness that has designed this in our everyday life. That includes plant structure, and Marine life to name a couple examples. It is often seen in sacred architecture such as pyramids, cathedrals, and even sacred art.

Sacred geometry involves universal patterns used in the design of everything in our reality. There is a foundational belief that geometry and mathematical ratios, sequences, harmonics and proportion are also found in music, light, cosmology.

Everything ranging from honeycombs, seashells that are replicas of the Nautilus shape, flower patterns, crop circles, Fibonacci Numbers, chords played together on an organ, down to the architecture of buildings and yes even the human body all have a sort of matrix, algorithm that hold them to together and directs its shape, form, and process.

When you start studying the intricacies of sacred geometry it will start leading you to recognizing that similarities in all things animate or inanimate, online and offline, as above out there in sky and spaces far away, so below within this physical 3D reality, in these flesh suits we call the human body, and even the structures that we interact with on a daily basis.

Sacred geometry a description of the wheel of time, the karmic life we experience as consciousness spirals down to activate awareness and spirals upwards through our energy emission informing Higher Consciousness of our intel gathered through experience.

Join us as we discuss the following: 

  • Identifying Sacred Geometry as a symbolic language
  • How Baljit’s past as an architect  influenced her work with sacred geometry.
  • How the selfie relate to one’s own sacred geometry print
  • How music/sound directly relate to sacred geometry
  • What’s so special about music/sound being at 432Hz

…..oh, and MORE!

                          …and more!


About Baljit Rayat

With her homebase in Vancouver, Canada, Baljit Rayat is an intuitive soul coach, consultant, and international conscious DJ. She is the creator of The Star Activation Soul Blueprints which are are energy transmissions that you receive in the form of healing light, sound (non auditory in human form), and high vibrational frequencies which clear and reset your energy field.

Through coaching, Baljit assists women in attracting healthy relationships in all facets of their life including their body image, and most of all their sensuality.

She is the founder of the private coaching program, Lotus Destiny™, and the Lotus Destiny Star Activation™ Method, and teacher who powerfully connects you to your Soul’s Purpose, align with your divine gifts and talents and express them into reality.

Baljit has served many globally, ranging from facilitating intuitive readings through the Akashic Records as an consultant, and also DJ’ing many events worldwide connecting everyone who attends through song, dance, and intentionally selected music that taps into one’s soul and elevates their conscious.

Episode Energy Reading

Overall Lesson: – The Tower
Upheaval of foundation, drilling the concrete, turning the soil, tear down to rebuild and restructure new architecture. Framework= Sacred Geometry – Divine Design.

Opportunity: 8 of Pentacles

Time, build, study, craft, pay attention to the details of the patterns when you are connecting and building, and forming. If the angle is off the whole structure will collapse.

  • I think/visualize: about the blueprint of what I want to create
  • I am: equipped to follow the internal wisdom that goes with the flow and direction of the pattern of the blueprint
  • I feel: the energy of the data
  • I do: pay attention the details. Connecting each dot and allow it come together forming the structure from the blueprint.

Challenge – King of Cups
Healing and molding something new with sound, shapes, pattern, Overwhelming which leads to disconnect. Lead with the heart, connects the psyche with the intuition. Trusting the feelings you get from your emotions

  • I think/visualize: The power of my emotions and how it can activate an image
  • I am: embodying the frequency allowing new structures to take form.
  • I feel: the Intel that my light body is supplying me, trusting the information that it is supplying creating abridge between my psyche and my intuition
  • I do: release any emotions that are blocking the formation of something new that invokes the necessary change and shift that you need.

Spiritual Treatment Affirmation

“I am connecting with the blueprint of my soul, and allow it to inform me on the next steps I need to take when I am building and creating something new in my life. I trust and I do. So be it.”

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