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In your career or business path, you may have noticed that there are certain patterns that repeat themselves. This is because the planets are always moving through the same signs at different times in your life.

You can use this knowledge to understand why you feel like you do about certain things or people; it will help guide you on how to own your brand essence so that others can see who you really are when they meet you for the first time.


Astrology is not just about what’s happening now, but it also gives us insight into our future potentials and possibilities. It helps us see where we are on our journey and how to best proceed forward so we don’t waste time on paths that aren’t meant for us.

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In my work, I incorporate a synthesis of Jungian psychology, vocation/business astrology and marketing in the progression of your career and business path and how to own your brand essence.

My services include helping you analyze your charts not only from an astrological perspective, but also from the point of view of your dominate function so you can gain insight into what drives you personally as well as professionally along with discovering your true purpose for existing on this planet at this time period.

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Your Future Is Now

Through this process we will discover who you really are on an emotional level including any blocks, fears or limiting beliefs that may be holding you back from achieving success and happiness in life!

By doing this work with me, I believe anyone would benefit by having a deeper understanding of themselves, which leads them towards fulfilling their soul’s mission while creating joy and value.

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Both your personal and business natal chart, tells you about your inner psyche and how it manifest.
It offers clues to the key events in your life-what sets off certain patterns of behavior or energy flow. It can tell you about which opportunities might be yours for the asking-or so easily missed if you don’t know what to look for!
In life and especially in business you need to be prepared for the opportunites that are around the corner!
This 4-week Natal Chart Analysis Coaching program takes a personal natal chart and business chart into consideration to merge the synthesis of information and analyze your most pressing issues.
I’ll interpret everything for you in order to formulate clear visions, extract values, set up goals with milestones–including what tools you need–to find the resources necessary to maneuver your journey.
Please read further to see what you will receive.


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What Is Included

Within this 4 week partnership, you will have some resources and tools supplied to help you get your plan together!

It’s one thing for me to rattle the placements of all planets, signs, aspects and you sit there and listen, but you’re provided a workbook to complete while I interpret your chart for you. Therefore it’s interactive!


You can take notes, jot down questions while you peruse your chart on your own time and when we reconvene we can explore those questions and additional notes you’ve taken. 


Includes a summary of what it indicates about your life prospects along with some recommendations for action based on the developments in their chart.

A vision statement, is a written form of guidance for your career and direction in business. This combination of personal astrology and natal chart mapping helps you focus on the goals you want to achieve when it comes to 5 areas: professional and personal fulfillment, financial success, emotional stability, mental clarity and social relationships.


When you’re in the midst of everything, knowing what’s most important can feel difficult. Your vision statement is a powerful reminder of your priorities – written by you and for you. You’ll find that your personal vision statement will grow as you do, making it an excellent tool to keep yourself focused on your career and business journey towards success.



I know it’s hard to remember all the ideas and exercises we do together. Keeping in touch via email will help keep you accountable and on track with your busy schedule.


Every time I send an email, I’ll include a recap of what we spoke about (click) and links to articles that provide more information or support!


Our communication doesn’t end with sessions, I send you email prompts that will help keep you focused and pointed towards your goals!

Our emails can be customized to fit your needs- all of which is digitally tailored to you.


These email prompts are to help you dig deeper so you won’t get lost in between sessions.


With these email reminders in place there’s no need for “brain fog”, so each time we meet, you’re super prepared.

Our sessions are recorded so you can listen to them whenever, wherever. You’ll never feel lost again — just head on over and play your session any time. Or bookmark it for later in case you get the words mixed up.


In addition, our accompanying workbook offers a focus on practical exercises to help make sense of everything we talked about during the session – keep referring back to it as reminders if required!

You are an adventurer and not a perfectionist. You’re  trekking through uncharted territory, crossing the Great Line of Destiny following your North Node which is your intuitive self guided by higher power.


Yet now it’s time for me to let you off your training wheels! After all is said and done we have our follow up session after 30 days, just to see if you actually took that NEXT STEP and allowed your intuition to lead you along the path following YOUR true north! But most importantly, applied what we planned together. 


What People Say

Working with Coach Danielle was an awesome experience. We she is detailed and thorough yet approachable and connects with me and my ideas. Looking forward to working with her again very soon!!
Magid S
I thought the info that Danielle sent through was absolutely brilliant – brilliant not just for the price but in general. I highly recommend her gig for anyone who is stuck with a specific business, sales or marketing problem or is just looking for some inspiration.
Curran Jones
Oakland, CA
I needed some guidance with my business idea. Danielle gave me some great ideas. I feel inspired to move forward. Thanks Danielle!
Kristen Foster
The assessment I received was right on and very valuable. I am very happy with it. For anyone who needs this type of service. I highly recommend coach Danielle!
J.Lag Jr
San Deigo, CA

Be Proactive. Get Your Information. Plan Accordingly!

With the information revealed in our sessions, we will develop an action plan you can use to take the next steps confidently.

Have any additional questions? Contact me here!

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Who Is Danielle, Though?

Genuine & Honest

A modern alchemist that is not far from the mundane realties of the physical realm. her approach to all things coaching, counseling, and creative is with an alchemical mixture of sass, funk, soul, and magick.

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