Coachsulting & Training

Personal Parlour Sessions that focuses on the underlying cause to facilitate healing, breakthrough, clarity, and further alignment with your business & leadership style

Your present is your future. Invest in it!

Designed for Proactive Initiators

No Parlour Tricks Here!

There can be no transformational change without transparency with yourself, personal power to overcome,  and vision alignment that will help you decipher the forest from the trees.       

 My online coaching & counseling process focuses on a solitary issue so you and I can find its root cause and make room for you to move forward. The offering is for you, the self-reliant individual who is ready to overcome issues, gain clarity and understanding, and manifest change by what…?



- with Love -

How Do You Lay Down The Foundation?

Brick by brick!

As humans, we have a tendency to get lost in the sauce of a  situation. Our minds go in overdrive, and our emotions can go haywire, triggering burnout, self-sabotage, and procrastination in taking the next necessary step!

 And, If you are like some people, *clears throat* we tend to get into information overload, constantly researching and not knowing where to initiate!

That is where Laser Coaching and Counseling enters! 

This service is meant to help you discover what’s at the core of the issue and then take the NEXT step!

My approach stems from a metaphysical framework that is inclusive for all ( regardless of religious/philosophical background), of tackling the situation mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. 

This method brings forth practical and applicable guidance that can help you formulate the next directive action YOU Need to take all while being rooted in your WHY!

Uniquely done, uniquely experienced, especially for you!

You already know the answer deep down inside, but need help in drawing it out.

 Heck, you may not even need long term guidance and accountability, just a gentle metaphoric push in the right direction.

…and a follow-up just to make sure you are following through! 

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EXORCISE your internal demons

EXERCISE your highest spiritual potential.

You want to change your life.

And that change begins with how you show up through your attitude and behaviors. How you show up will either support your next step, or hinder your experience. Coaching in whatever area of life will help you become more responsible and accountable.

Time Is Of The Essence

The process is done entirely online, from the Intake Call, to the actual private coaching sessions, and the in between email coaching correspondences. Need to schedule your coaching session during your before work, during lunch break, or even in the evenings after work…from your home? NO PROBLEM! How about on Saturday morning before you enjoy the rest of your day with your family? When you partner up with a life coach online you won’t have to worry about getting stuck in traffic!

It’s either now or never that you get cracking on deciding on the next chapter of your life.

We create our lives by the decisions we make. From how we respond to external situations, down to what is the next step that we will take.

You may not need complete hand holding in the process, but working with an individual who is unbias to the situation, can provide a different perspective and help you make the decision that is going to catapult you into the next sphere, will be an asset to your team.

A Coach Is Someone Who Can Give Correction Without Causing Resentment.



Are you ready to gain a competitive edge in your business or career through an offbeat way?


In my work, I incorporate a synthesis of Jungian psychology, vocation/business astrology and marketing in the progression of your career and business path and how to position your brand. I represent clients who are striving to realize their dreams and open to metaphysical philosophy to shift their perspective and expand!
You may not need a long term coaching program, but need immediate guidance in getting started!
My services are bespoke and tailored specifically to you because your energy signature differs from the next, including me.
Together we will create an action plan based on what is revealed during our sessions so that you can move forward confidently knowing exactly what steps need to be taken next.


Heal & Reach Untapped Potential.

From Darkness To Light. From Unconscious to the Conscious. Transform your shadow into a gift

You have the innate knowledge and power of transforming the shadow into a gift that allows you to OWN your truth, skills, identity, purpose, and the gifts you will contribute to the world.
The Authentic Conscious Leadership Program is an intensive 8 week project that takes you through a metamorphosis from the inside out.
It’s designed for leaders in the community, at work, or in business who want more than just success in their lives; they want true fulfillment by living from their authentic self. This is not about being perfect or having it all together—it’s about embracing what makes us human so we can be our best selves every day.
We are committed to helping people become better versions of themselves while also making our communities at work and in our neighborhoods stronger places for everyone.
Our vision is one where people live with authenticity as a way of life and leadership becomes synonymous with service rather than status or title alone. Join me!


Wellness Is Wealth

Corporate Wellness & Training

The world is changing. And yet, many companies are still trapped in the past, with antiquated hiring practices and cultures that don’t reflect the diversity and needs of their employees or customers to excel in the company.


I believe that organizations can do better: spiritually, mentally, and emotionally within the operations and company culture.

They have a responsibility to both their staff and consumers to be inclusive and provide welcoming environments for people from all backgrounds. But most business leaders aren’t trained on how to create inclusive workplaces. They need help making these changes happen.


Through my company. Holdman Alchemystic & Co., I provide mindfulness training for executives, corporations and startups around themes of inclusion, diversity and equality through the Alchemystic Mindful Diversity & Inclusivity training/workshops as well as one-on-one coaching sessions on topics including unconscious bias awareness, self-awareness development (including spiritual & emotional intelligence), team dynamics (including conflict resolution) growth mindset building/mindset shifting tactics; leadership skills development; communication skills training; etc.


The main goal is to help organizations, large or small, VALUE and invest in their human capital by cultivating a healthy and conducive company culture! 


Happy and valued employees contribute to a more ethical and mindfully successful business!


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embrace your type


The beauty about our energy signature, is that we are all not the same! Learn more about where you fit when it comes to your unique Alchemystic path.

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