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TCP016| Consciously Creating Your Own Reality To Live In

No matter how much I protest,
I am totally responsible for everything
that happens to me in my life.

~ Author Unknown ~

Take a moment to reflect on how many times per day your mind rejects what your imagination dreams up.

It then may dawn on you as no surprise that many of us live our daily lives with self-limiting behaviors. When we come to realize that it is our own self-limiting thoughts that are creating and constraining our realities and preventing us from creating the life we want to live out , we then can start to take action and move from a restrictive mindset to one where manifesting our goals and dreams is second nature.

Manifesting through conscious creation is defined as a product of change brought through the direction of consciousness.

When one can start thinking with this awareness in mind, one can take an active role in accepting their imagination as a catalyst for truly realizing their dreams, and going beyond their current reality.



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