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Article Going Deeper Than Self-Care: When Bubble Baths & Facials Aren't Enough

The fire burns within you, wanting to explode and feel alive. Your soul, constantly alerting your conscious that there is more to life out…there. The world wants a rendezvous with your spirit. Yet, you stay restricting yourself of pleasures and that electrifying healing and “me ” time that you deserve.

While looking at the clock, you are constantly making excuses as to why you, can’t meditate, hit the gym, create an altar, sketch, or even write.

On occasion we have a tendency to avoid the act self love. We make up excuses, the culprit…TIME! We always have to blame someone or something, and In this case it’s time.

But, you have to remember that you embody the whole. Yes, there is a part that is dedicate to obligatory work.

Whether you are headed for burnout or are already there, RIGHT NOW is the moment that you need to decide to make your self care a priority by putting yourself at the top of your “to do” list!

But,to be honest, I want to go in a wee bit deeper than what is on the surface level of mainstream self care. I want to propose a question to you:

What is it that you do not want to connect to?

What is it that you are scared of?

It’s time for you to take in the rebellious act of self love, and connect to the root of the matter which is the true self care.

Turn On The Lights

Is it the parts of self that has been discarded because of external society’s expectations, and buried like hidden treasure in the depth of the subconscious ocean that you don’t want to face during this down time?

Yes, the bubble baths, and glass of chardonnay helps set the mood, but the reality is self care is beyond the superficial bullshit that is spouted throughout social media and your lifestyle magazines.

When you are still, and practicing a self care activity this gives it ample time and opportunity for feelings and thoughts to break away from the algae in the depth of the mental sea and float to the top of your conscious.

Triggering memories and and reactions that may interrupt the so-called”healing” that is taking place.

Well… maybe it is interrupting that activity because it wants attention. Do not be afraid for its part of you that needs healing and that is what self care is really about.

We have the attitude and mental programming that tells us, its just part of life, get over it.

How many times have we neglected our own healing. How many times have we ignored our own truth, to continue to live our day to day life burning both ends of the candle.

Self care activities are to set the mood and tone and create an environment for you to tend to those aspects of self WITHIN that needs that attention.

Areas that needs the acknowledgement, that needs the love, compassion, and grace that initiates healing and integration.

Get caught in the rebellious act of self-care, self-awareness, self-respect, and self-accountability. All revolutionary acts of self-love!

Lovingly tell your ego, that it’s self care time. Your soul deserve it! And yes, your ego deserves it too.

Your Ego: The Melodramatic Friend That Means Well

Your ego issues don’t matter because of other people’s judgments of you; they matter because they are blocking you from self-care, joy and availability to all facets of your life.

The ego mind is so invested in the salaciousness of orchestrated human drama that it often takes a Higher Willpower to counterbalance the ego’s insistence.

It helps to remember that the ego’s true target is you: your ego wants you to see guilt in others mainly so you might stay convinced of all the guilt in your self.

Every time we blame another we are tightening the chains that keep our own animus in place.

A counterproductive act the ego is taking, ya think? In it’s “mind” it believes it is protecting you…shielding you from harm.

In reality, it’s causing an internal struggle filled with personal conflict projected onto our external environment like a movie projector.

Because these issues are in the shadow corner of your subconscious library, with a light fill love to care, we will experience these scenarios in our external reality, and they trigger us in some capacity. Subtle reminders that there is a book within that you need to check and read. In order to acknowledge the lesson, test theories, and integrate the results so they will evolve into wisdom.

The Warning Signs Are Prevalent

All of us have been conditioned to solely reside within our heads and operate from logic. But living in your head keeps you disconnected from how you feel.

Connecting to your emotions and how you feel is not only the key to honoring your self-care and healing, but is a key to freedom!

When you are out of touch with your feelings, several things can happen:

  • The decision you make are not in your best interest and more than likely made from fear.
  • Your bandwidth for stress and anxiety increases and you find yourself “putting up” with other’s transgressions .
  • You may find yourself needing to take not only a emotional health break, but also a mental one too.
  • You take on more than you can handle. And forget to know how to use the word, “No” without realizing that you’re on overload until it’s too late.

You negate yourself on the richness that our feeling state provides, that is the ability to really connect to what you want in any given situation. Operating primarily from logic can cause you to you feel detached, aloof, and eventually leads to numbness.

That head and heart connection strengthens your emotional intelligence, and allows you to navigate the turbulent oceans within, yet soothe yourself from the outside through an activity that calms the spirit.

Dive deeper than the superficial fluff of self care, and be honest with yourself. Find yourself a mental health expert to work with, or if you just need accountability and sacred space to attend to, worth a Coach such as myself, or one that resonates with you.

Confronting the truth of what’s fueling your ego, in conflict with your soul and usurping your energy,  will not only contribute to your spiritual evolution, but also your long-term healthcare.


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