[Audio] | Dennis W Hauck: Alchemy And Its Influence On A Modern World.”

Welcome to episode 76 of The Alchemy Parlour podcast. In this episode join me and my guest alchemist, Dennis W. Hauck , as we discuss Alchemy And Its Influence On A Modern World.

I would like to welcome you to episode 76 of The Alchemy Parlour podcast. I am your candid yet urbane host, Danielle M. Holdman, and I’m here to provide a sacred space in the moment, and in some cases on the go for you to gain some insight, and be open to the seeds that are being planted within your conscious, by myself your personal coach or my guest alchemist!

In this case, are conversation features Dennis William Hauck and the discussion around the ancient art and science of Alchemy.

It is an often used buzzword, heck even the name of this podcast has the word Alchemy. But it shows you the power behind the process and experience known for its signature of Transformation.

Turning Lead into Gold.

We are either on the path of self-preservation which is more of the survival of the fittest lead by fear, us vs them attitude, directed by instinct, with a scarcity mindset that projects a perspective of lack…

Or the path of self-actualization, lead by creative solutions and love, with a we are all in this together mindset, guided by their intuition, subscribing to an abundant perspective that projects an attitude of gratitude with a mindset that surpasses limitations.

Through a system known as a the Alchemical process, its structured in a way that moves one from victim to the warrior from Saboteur to the Doer, and from Impostor to the Real McCoy.

Alchemy moves you along with the spectrum, from your raw origin to the
polished manifestation of your Truth, which is a restructured pattern and flow of your beliefs and values.

Join us as we discuss the following: 

  • Alchemy and its purpose.
  • Common misconceptions about Alchemy.
  • The Great Work and why is it so important in spiritual & Personal alchemy
  • Importance of the Philosopher’s stone
  • Materia Prima or first Matter…and Is it consciousness

…..oh, and MORE!

Resources Mentioned In This Episode

About Dennis W. Hauck

Dennis William Hauck is a researcher, author, and lecturer in consciousness studies. His primary focus is on levels of awareness and the mechanisms of transformation of consciousness.

While in Vienna, Hauck discovered an archive of alchemical manuscripts in the 700-year-old university library. Fascinated by the highly symbolic writings and illustrations, he researched further and found to a group of university chemists who studied alchemy and Hermeticism.

In their discussions, Dennis was inspired by the idea that consciousness was a force of nature that could be applied to experimental work. He sought initiation into the craft of alchemy and apprenticed for two years with a practicing alchemist from nearby Prague.

Over the past decades, Dennis has also contributed to related areas, including the history of science, psychology, and the serious study of paranormal and mystical experiences. He works to document the evolution of a science of consciousness and merge various philosophical and scientific traditions into a unified theory of consciousness.

Dennis William Hauck is considered a leading authority on alchemy and Hermeticism.

Episode Energy Reading

Overall Lesson: Creative I.Magi.Nation

What a (wo)man thinks, so they are!
Incorporating the practice of alchemy into your daily live supports your alignment with The Divine Mind and breeds creativity.

  • Alignment with The Divine Mind produces a transpersonal experience that heals, supports, and shifts your way of living into experiencing a multitude of possibilities.
  • Using your Imagination = is calling on a nation of magicians within your consciousness that taps into the Divine Reservoir outcomes and solutions

Underlining Energies: The Fool

  • Pure potential
  • Interrupting the pattern
  • Taking calculating risks means you are trusting even in the times of darkness
  • Allowing your instincts and intuition to guide you on a terrain that make be rough and winding put the end game leads you to where you need to be

Action Need to Take: Page of Cups

  • What you mapped out in your mind, you deserve to explore and experience
  • Stop comparing to your past, and trust that if you want the change then you need to trust the process, and trust your own light (that wisdom inside that will protect and guide you).
  • Let your core, that desired state of consciousness powered by your feelings direct you in the arena that facilities your growth and discovery of how you can navigated and experience life.

“The the potent influence and compassion of the DIVINE sparks my inclination to explore and challenge myself which makes space for alchemical experiences. These experiences are encounters that rejuvenates my energy, transforms the patterns within my subconscious, and empowers my conscious mind. So be it. “