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TCP 001: Discovering & Transforming Your Inner Strength For Success Podcast

“Go within everyday and find the inner strength so that the world will not blow your candle out.” ~ Katherine Dunham

We’re All Born With Inner Strength

You are  strong as bamboo, swaying yet not breaking when obstacles come your way. You personal power is the most important thing, well one of them, for your journey. It’s not so much your physical strength that matters, it about how centered and aligned you are with The Divine, especially the one that is within you. When you are secure with who you are, and focused on your goals then honey YOU are unstoppable.

Standing strong in your convictions is what is going to get you through the lull times and when doubt attempts to creep. Nah Nah honey, you are NOT getting through. Courage is what you have that allows you to be persistent on your journey of discovery, especially when the naysayers try to talk “sense” into you. You walking on the road less traveled, the one that nurtures growth, experience, transformation, and gives birth to wisdom. Stay loyal to your vision, your aspiration, because is what will get you through times when you feel challenged.

Questions to ask yourself:

1.) What is your hearts and soul’s desire?
2.) When has your courage been tested?
3.) How do you define your own strength?
4.) Describe ways you are loyal to your entrepreneurial journey?
5.) What is your instinctive thing to do when you feel challenged?


I am a courageous being, standing strong and tall in my conviction, and I am loyal to my journey.

We Allow Events and People to Chip Away at Our Inner Strength

Inner Strength Can Always Be Replenished

No matter how often you feel like you have been knocked down or that you’re unable to face a situation, you will always have a spark of inner strength ignited in your soul. Sometimes it will be a large flame and sometimes you’ll wonder if it’s gone for good.

Inner strength doesn’t come from what you CAN do. Inner strength comes from OVERCOMING the things you once thought you couldn’t!

Key Points in Podcast

  • What is inner strength
  • Further questions to ask yourself to become more conscious of YOUR inner strength
  • Signs that you are blocked from aligning with your inner strength.
  • Sign of a healthy relationship with your inner strength.
  • Ways to embrace and encompass your inner strength
  • Intuitive guidance towards embrace inner strength, for your personal life, career, and business
  • Intention specifically for inner strength and your solar plexus chakra that deals with personal power!

So what is that ONE thing you have overcame in the past that will help guide you in embracing your inner strength once again for obstacle that’s currently blocking your path? List it below in the comment section! (Hint: It can be related to your job, finances, your business, relationships, health, or spiritual path)

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