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Audio | Gina Thies: Tarot - A Key To Unlocking Your Truth Through Discernment

Welcome to Episode 57 The Coaching Parlour podcast! In this episode, join me and my guest alchemist: Gina Thies while we discuss Tarot A Key To Unlocking Your Truth Through Discernment.

Discernment, is not just a term that has religious connotation to it, but it’s something that I KNOW…I USE through my life daily to decipher information that is projected onto my senses.

Whether it’s via the news, information that is being shared to me from people I know personally, or I follow online.

The ability to discern is a skill that’s worth developing that can be applied in the home, in relationships romantic, family, or casual.

It is a soft skill that should definitely be used in professional settings, and most importantly when it comes to spiritual, religious, and wellness environments.

Discernment is a filter that I use when I am having internal conversations with myself. So, I know if it’s my ego or my shadow that’s doing the talking, or if it’s my Higher Self communicating.

It’s a major anchor word of the year for me(along with consistency), as well as it being an exercise for my intuition. Utilizing tarot as a tool has further expanded and strengthened my intuition, and the trust I have with my inner compass.

Discernment is a gift that keeps giving, and I as both a Tarot reader and querent ( which is one seeks), it has strengthen my confidence and relationship with myself and with Source. It allows me to to recognize my personal power in interpretation, and my strength, and potential evolution as a Spirit having this human experience.

Discernment guides me in relaying the highest and best information for my coaching clients, and when I am sharing my consciousness and providing information through content such as this podcast, videos, and writings.And I do utilize Tarot as a creative tool in many of those endeavors

I know now more than before, when something is coming from a Higher Consciousness, and I know when it’s my Ego or the shadow aspect of my ego, communicating with me.

When listening to this episode, let it inspire you to further strengthen your own discernment, whether you use tarot or not, how you are observing the world around you, and where does your inner world line up in the equation.

Join us as we go over key points such as:

  • What tarot & the divination arts reveal to us about life 
  • If tarot is becoming more mainstream.
  • Why & how discernment play an integral part in working with Tarot.
  • How to discern readings from others.

 … and more!

About Gina Thies

Reading professionally for over 15 years, Gina has many prestigious clients all over the world, and. is the contributing editor of Tarot Tips, the newsletter of The Tarot School In New York co-founded by Ruth Ann and Wald Amberstone. She is frequently a featured performer at parties and special occasions throughout the Dallas/Ft. Worth Texas area.

Gina teaches master level tarot studies at the largest Tarot Conferences all over the U.S. such as New York (Reader Studio), San Fransisco ( Bayarea Tarot Symposium), Dallas (TarotCon) and Portland (NorthWest Tarot Symposium). She a certified member in good standing with the American Tarot Association.

Her approach in helping those like you is a unique willingness to go beyond the “present” and into the past, where the root of many dilemmas exists. The tarot cards are used concurrently with introspective techniques and her own natural psychic ability.

Thies has written about the use of marrying these perspectives together for a unique reading technique in her book, Tarot Coupling: Resources & Resolutions for Relationship Readings (Schiffer Publishing). Gina is also the visionary behind Tarot of the Moors that’s available November 2018 with BOTH the deck illustrated and book written by herself and distributed through(Schiffer Publishing).

Gina also invests her time in discovering alternative divination techniques and topics. An interest in psychology, theology, mysticism and the occult add depth to her readings. she chats with her pal Katrina Wynne, M.A. as co-host of Oracle Soup, where they bring to their “kitchen” some of the most important minds and talent of the modern tarot community.

To learn more about Gina Thies, her products & tarot services, visit

Episode Energy Reading

Although, the Chariot was pulled out the deck while I was the shuffling, the King of Cups ALSO flew out the deck wanting to get in on the action.

Blue flames of peace and tranquility, descends upon you now, anchoring you,opening up your vessel to the guidance, you soul need.

The Chariot when it is being driven by your Higher Self-Your Higher Consciousness drives you to use discernment to discriminate against what is an illusion. It also guides you in deciphering what is the truth separate from what your Ego may feel is truth.

It aids you in taking the initiative to become more discipline in developing the skill of discernment, and realizing that it is a balancing act of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine communicating within you.

Engaging you in a dance of clarity of perception so you can make sound and reasonable decisions. Choices that are rooted in Unification of your Personal Power, and Divine Source energy.

Being able to utilize Discernment in conjunction with a vehicle like Tarot, will expanded your conscious awareness and inner-standing of the world around you. It will aid you in translating through the information and experiences around you through symbols, archetypes, sequence. Bring forth much needed clarity.

Discernment and Tarot are keys to unlocking your on own subconscious.

The King of Cups meets your Chariot and is asking you to engage with the insights that you receive and interpret through your intuition. Master the skill of discernment through practice.

Allow your emotions to gauge the temperature of the information you receive form the the subtle energy, and use it to influence the decisions you make. Bringing you the peace, and reassurance you need to take the next steps.

Spiritual Treatment Affirmation

“I am grounded in the discerning power of my Higher Consciousness to aid in the translation of information that is projected onto me by the world within and round me, and let it guide me in making the best decision for my safety and evolution.”

So be it.

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