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Audio | Jerome Braggs: What it takes to Heal Toxicity, Work With Your Energy, and Live Well

Welcome to episode 61 of The Alchemy Parlour podcast. In this episode join me and my guest alchemist, Jerome Braggs as we discuss What it takes to Heal Toxicity, Work With Your Energy, and Live Well. 

With a myriad of external conflicts and threats that we are subjected to on a daily basis, it’s not a surprise that our energy seems to be at an all time low.

There’s the feeling of no escaping the toxicity, no type of recovery, but we have to remember that we don’t have to escape!

just acknowledge and align with your natural innate state of joy and love. Even though it may not feel like it…it’s in there.

I know that it’s easier said than done, but the power of INTENTIONS especially when it comes wanting to heal and reconstruct our awareness can move move those energetic mountains that are blocking us from experiencing what we are entitled to.

When you redirect your awareness, that includes your intention, attention, and actions, you allow the healing of dis-ease and regeneration to materialize.

You step into sense of trust that makes room for liberation, which leads to living, loving, and flourishing no matter what’s going on in the outside world

Last but not least you are a Sourceress. You heard that correctly, a Sourceress or a Sourceror (your choice).

How I define that is one who is drawing from Divine Source Energy, and when you do that you are allowing this HIGHER Intelligence to replenish and sustain you.

Visualize a ball of energy and repeat to yourself:

From The Source, Through The Source, To The Source.

Join us as we go over key points such as:

  • How living in a toxic society contributed to the type of thinking, that they are not enough.
  • Why there is so much toxicity playing in our environment, society, social media, political, socio-economic, and racial.
  • How words and the conversations we have with ourselves, play into toxicity?
  • How  Hardships + Challenges in our lives are not punishments, but sacred teachers and vehicles of transformation.
  • Energy hygiene

...and more!


About Jerome Braggs

Jerome Braggs, affectionately known as The Soul Medicine Man, is a gifted energy intuitive, channel, healer, transformational speaker, and spiritual teacher.

In 2005, Jerome Braggs was diagnosed with AIDS and kidney failure, then given forty-eight hours to live. On his deathbed, Jerome had a mystical experience where he met his own Soul, and was told the keys to total healing and well-being: truly love yourself, and align with the soul. That experience led him to an awakening journey where he learned how to truly love himself, and align with the consciousness and vibration of his soul, which resulted in the miraculous healing of his body, and the transformation of his entire life into something delicious and flourishing.

Today, Jerome uses his intuitive abilities, and the sacred wisdom he gained through his journey, to teach people around the world how to heal, live well, and flourish through the miraculous power of the soul medicines.

Intuitively guided in the moment, Jerome’s messages are revolutionary, and delivered with a big dose of love, laughter, and soul.

Episode Energy Reading

From here on out we are going to switch it up and pull three cards in the respective space of Opportunity, Challenge, and Lesson.

Interesting side-note: When looking up “Opportunity” on two synonyms (among others) that came up are space and time. So keep that in mind whenever you hear me reference opportunity in a reading.

Opportunity: Represented by 4 of cups and ask yourself what area in my life do I have a dissatisfaction in, and what is my predominate feeling? When you take inventory you are casting a light within an area of you shadow that needs a spiritual shift. And you will be able to deliver it, the elixir of love and joy that will help heal any wounds that you have. Just as the light is filled with pure potential, so is your shadow. Where can you shift your awareness that in returns in replenishes your energy? And remember in this case awareness embodies: intention, attention, and action.

Challenge: Represented by 7 of swords. The mask that you are wearing is doing you a disservice. You are mentally running away from the issue mentioned in the opportunity, and the avoidance is causing energy leaks. Those energy leaks are one of the reasons why you are feeling drained and defeated.

Lesson: Represented by the King of Cups and it’s asking of you be mature about your healing. Take emotional responsibility, and like it guide you to being open to receive the love/joy healing that you deserve and is your birthright. When you are willing to confront that which is bring you down, and see if for what it is, tap into that emotion and endure it’s frequency and gain wisdom the experience.

Spiritual Treatment Affirmation

“I AM in alignment with constructive thoughts that facilitates emotional honesty and awareness and allows for the necessary healing to transpire.” So be it.

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