Audio | Jessie Susannah Karnatz: Self-Employment & Finance As A Spiritual Path Towards Empowerment & Justice

Welcome to episode 62 of The Alchemy Parlour podcast. In this episode join me and my guest alchemist, Jessie Susannah Karnatz as we discuss  Self-employment & Finance: A spiritual path towards empowerment & justice.

For an individual who is self-employed (whether they are side-hustling or this a primary job) it allows for them to create an outlet that they normally wouldn’t have gotten traditionally especially if they are part of a marginalized community.

Even though the self-employment road is paved with a mixed bag of fortuity, obstacles, resources, frustration, and the occasional setback, it does stimulate you to reach deep within your internal reservoir and connect with your motive.

It causes you to face the root cause of internal contention that is being projected out as external conflict. It causes you to ask yourself, Why are you going down this route, and are you still trusting in that Initial Force that has been and will continue to direct you- whether you choose to listen and implement..or not.

That why is an extension of not only our vision but our own personal mission. No matter what the external restrictions are, you are still being trusted in taking the intangible ideas and birthing it into a tangible reality through your services and products. And you get to exchange it with individuals who co-sign the value of your gifts through the exchange of a resource that socially and financially empowers you.

We all want to mainly do what we love in addition to what we are excellent at, and have it cover our basic needs and more, provide for our family, and in some type of capacity give back to the culture of our community.

For many of us who are independently running business it’s not only a way for us to contribute to our local economy, but also be heard, seen and eventually make changes that will better benefit all in the community. In return, the whole experience is not only financially and socially rewarding, but also spiritually grounding.

Join us as we go over key points such as:

  • Is self-employment a direct reflection of spiritual and social empowerment.
  • Why it’s important for  independent workers to recognizing our value and self-worth when participating in energy exchange.
  • Suggestions in working towards overcoming financial and economic abuse/injustice within the home, community, and nationally.

...and more!


About Jessie Susannah Karnatz

Known as the money witch draws. She draws from the ethers a skill set that is a an earthy blend of practical magic and utilizes it to guide her clients through intuitive financial coaching. As many of y’all know working with your finances is not just a one dimensional dance.

Her intention through her coaching is helping individuals recognize emotional and spiritual blocks within their own personal constructs around money.
Jessie Susannah specializes in financial coaching for single adults, couples and small business owners to manifest success in all aspects of life.

Last but not least she is also the creator of the Money Magic Zine to help you influence the energy around your relationship with currency, and essences created with the intention of you becoming debt free, implementing a savings plan, and healing ancestral money patterns.

Episode Energy Reading

From here on out we are going to switch it up and pull three cards in the respective space of Opportunity, Challenge, and Lesson.

Interesting side-note: When looking up “Opportunity” on two synonyms (among others) that came up are space and time. So keep that in mind whenever you hear me reference opportunity in a reading.

The element of fire is extremely prominent in this message, and it’s asking you to take the time out to connect more with your will, drive, and motivation. Visualize yourself being in alignment with Divine Will and having that potent energy power up your internal drive. Allowing it to move you in the direction that empowers as you continue to grow your business and finances.

Opportunity: Represented by The Emperor:
-Structure – Challenging the status quo, bushing the boundaries
-Pioneering- breaking your self imposed rules 
-What is your balance when it comes to self-employment giving inward and outward. where are you finding your stability.?

Challenge: Represented by Knight of Wands:
– How are you channeling your energy so that you are not only all over all the place, but also aren’t distracted which links to…
-How are you managing not so much your time, but your focus. Therefore it doesn’t seem like you are running out of time. 

Lesson: Represented by the 6 of Wands:
-Is about being in alignment with Source
-In flow..with your skills, mixed with new avenues that challenge and exercise your will,
-Not only learning something new but implementing it. Feeling the success through this action!
-Be willing to pass the baton to someone else as you move to the next level
Then you are contributing 

Spiritual Treatment Affirmation

“I am in alignment with that Initial Force that drives my vision and mission forward, and provides a financially and spiritually rewarding experience for me, my family, and the community I support.” So be it.

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