Audio | Lara Rose Duong: Healing The Financial Shadow Through Love, Ownership & A Sacred Financial Practice

Welcome to Episode 58 The Coaching Parlour podcast! In this episode, join me and my guest alchemist: Lara Rose Duong while we discuss Healing The Financial Shadow Through Love, Ownership & A Sacred Financial Practice.

What are your first thoughts and initial gut reaction when you mention the word money? Do you cringe? Do you smile? When it comes to financial topics do you tend to change the subject, and avoid the conversation? Or are you open, willing, and eager to talk about how you spend, save, and acquire money?

Depending on how you answered the questions, your instinctual reactions, and your internal programming you may have some financial shadow work to partake in.

Why? Because of the relationship you have with money.

How one may define relationship is the way in which two or more concepts, objects, or people are connected, or the state of being connected.

Some of us have been taught from a young impressionable age to think about money a certain way. And as a result, instead of inheriting generational wealth, you inherited your unhealthy thought patterns and relationship with it.

Many individuals have had negative experiences around money at some point, and carry around this inferior complex their whole lives. Majority of us has been brainwashed into a poverty conscious which is a lack of mindset.

Money is a medium of exchange and a measurement of value. Through my own personal shadow work, I recognized that my self-worth is something that I need healing within my own self because it is affecting my relationships and that includes my finances and how I value myself. That self-worth was related to my relationship with money. Unhealthy.

When it came to my finances, I felt as if I wasn’t deserving of it, and used the excuse that It’s not a big deal! In a way… it’s not everything, but it’s an important part of our livelihood in this 3D physical reality… especially if you live in a capitalistic society. I would avoid my finances like a bad ex, and change the subject whenever someone would bring it up to me.

Today, I am starting to appreciate what it means and I view at it as a creative resources that is supportive, nurturing, and a physical extension from Source granting me access to certain opportunities. I am worthy of it’s company, and I am worthy to use it as a means to end, especially when it’s time to pay the rent or mortgage!

If your perspective is that money is the root of all evil, then I would suggest that you shift your position to it being Source is the root of all money, and from the looks of things money and you come from the same loving and gracious beginnings.

Money really isn’t the enemy, in a way it’s our relationship to it and how currency flows in and out of life.

Join us as we go over key points such as:

  • How finance is a spiritual substance
  • How energetic magnetism relates to attracting money
  • Who’s expectation are we clinging to when it comes to money
  • What does self-love have to do with financial attraction
  • Treating yourself as an altar
  • How to setup a financial altar on the go

 … and more!

About Lara Rose Duong


Lara Rose Duong is a private wealth adviser turned Modern Money Witch that was influenced by the clients she would sit across from in the past! Their greatest moments came about when they would speak heart to heart about dreams, fears, and wishes in a space of safety and love.

She realized these conversations were not about her, but about the woman sitting across from her discovering that she had the strength, wisdom, and knowledge inside of her to be the Queen of her own cash flow.

Lara Rose Duong is a featured The Numinous columnist, and has been heard on podcast such as Layla Saad’s Wild Mystic Woman’s podcast, The Sovereign Goddess podcast, New Age Hipster,  and Ladies Who Lead, among others.

Lara’s message to all individuals, especially women is you are more than enough. Love is money because love sets us free. It is the richest currency around. The more you give love to yourself and the world around you, the more love comes back to you even via financial substance.

Lara Rose’s work involves managing the energies managing the energies inside us underlying the physical reality we see. She also guides her private clients and community to Heal. Activate, Magnetize. And Own Their Value.

You can visit Lara and learn more about her services at

Episode Energy Reading

The Hanged Man & The King of Swords joins us in our energy reading for this episode.

You prolong the company of money by your attitude, beliefs, thoughts, programming, and how you relate to it.

Depending on your perspective regarding money. You may need to go through a death and rebirth process. Diving deep into the shadows and discovering the root cause of your energetic allergy.

The change will not happen overnight, but you will have to court it. Become familiar with your prejudices, your past hurts, and false beliefs and clear up any motionless energy in relation to the ebb and flow of currency….FINANCIAL currency in your life.

It’s not enough just to redevelop a healthier spiritual alliance with money and how it circulates in your life, but it’s about taking responsibility for your actions.

That includes getting the proper guidance, becoming more intimate and coming to terms with the numbers in your life.

Because you are intentionally avoiding the truth you are causing stagnation in your life. It’s time cut through that.

The King of Swords is letting you that no one is expecting you to be a Master Financier, but own your role in relationship. Command it’s presence through your integrity! Become spiritually mature, and in alignment with the energetic properties of financial responsibility.

The more you avoid this task, the longer you delay the healing that is necessary to have a fruitful, creative partnership with money, and partake in its healing properties.

Through accountability, education, working both the spiritual and practical aspects of finances, and initiating the help and healing you need…leads you to becoming more present and in tune with a prosperity mindset and attitude, that leads you to a life filled with more abundance.

It’s up to you shatter the illusions, and change false narrative that you have in relation to money.

Spiritual Treatment Affirmation

“I am engaging in a healthy relationship with my finances on all levels of my being that promotes a creative, responsible,

and intimate partnership that leads to an increase in financial substance in my life.”

So be it.

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