Ascension Self Care

Audio | Amina Al Tai: The Importance of Prioritizing Wellness Over Hustling & the Effects it has on the Mind, Body &Soul

Welcome to Episode 54 of The Coaching Parlour podcast! In this episode, join me and my guest alchemist: Amina Al Tai while we discuss The Importance of Prioritizing Wellness Over Hustling and the Effects It Has On The Mind, Body, and Soul. We live in a society where Hustle and Grinding are the Dominate messages that ring through […]


Audio | Leora Edut The Importance of Self care for that Goddess on the Go

Self Care: Through Communion with Spirit & Self, Boundaries, and Sacred Support In this episode of The Coaching Parlour podcast had the uplifting and real conversation with Leora Edut,  Sacred Goddess Tribe Leader, Former Celebrity Makeup Artist, and founder of self-care brand and event company Goddess-on-the-Go! Join us as we converse about the importance of embracing a self care routine, and positioning it […]