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TCP 011: Leslie Tagorda: Aligning Your Goals & Plans With the Lunar Cycle #Podcast

The moon is a loyal companion. It never leaves. It’s always there, watching, steadfast, knowing us in our light and dark moments, changing forever just as we do. Every day it’s a different version of itself. Sometimes weak and wan, sometimes strong and full of light. The moon understands what it means to be human. […]


TCP010: The Process of Defining and Managing Expectations #Podcast

Extraordinary expectations and desires make incredible results. When you expect the best it will end up being a directional system that will guide you to searching out and discovering what you anticipate. Not only will managing your expectations provide you with a more solid path to reach your vision, but it will also enhance your quality […]


TCP 009: Shimeka Williams: Creating Your Own Opportunities To Expand Your Career #Podcast

There has to be this pioneer, the individual who has the courage, the ambition to overcome the obstacles that always develop when one tries to do something worthwhile, especially when it is new and different. Alfred P. Sloan A conversation with Shimeka Williams about Creating Your Own Opportunities To Expand Your Career Join me in a […]


TCP008: Challenging Yourself Through Creative Thinking #Podcast

Creative thinking is a potential we are all born with. If you don’t use that potential, it is probably because you don’t know and apply the simple principles for developing it. We can remedy that right now. “Eccentricity of a creative mind may not be pleasing for the people around it, but it is important […]


TCP 007: Tara Rosas: Becoming Resilient in a Time of Darkness #Podcast

Indeed, this life is a test. It is a test of many things – of our convictions and priorities, our faith and our faithfulness, our patience and our resilience, and in the end, our ultimate desires. -Sheri L. Dew   A conversation with Tara Rosas about Overcoming the Dark Night of the Soul with Resilience! […]


TCP006: How To Receive & Overcome Constructive Criticism #Podcast

Self-sabotaging behaviors prevent you from conditioning yourself for success. And changing those long, established behavior patterns like self-sabotage is as difficult as recognizing and understanding them. The final proof of greatness lies in being able to endure criticism without resentment. -Elbert Hubbard Criticism is hard to handle. None of us jumps at the chance to […]