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Vocation Alchemy

Audio | Vicky Ayala A Soulpreneur ( & Careerist) Guide's to finding your Personal Energy Brand Signature

Welcome to the episode 41 of The Coaching Parlour podcast:  I am joined by guest co-host alchemist, Vicky Ayala ( a Personal Brand & Storyteller Strategist, and creator of The Sacred Journey Oracle Deck & The Personal Brand Archetypes For Multi-Passionate Soulpreneurs Join us as we an IN DEPTH Conversation regarding Personal Branding Energy Signtures What […]


Audio | Dr. Roshawnna Novellus TheWealthyYogi Way To Harmonizing Your Relationship With Money

Known as The Wealthy Yogi, Dr. Roshawnna Novellus joined The Coaching Parlour podcast to talk about, Yogi, Purpose, and your Relationship with Your Finances! In this episode of The Coaching Parlour podcast is orientated around the heart chakra and have a respectful, compassionate and authentic relationship which is a necessity on this earth, finances! Dr. Roshawnna Novellus,  Financial & Business Strategist, Entrepreneur, […]


Audio| AlaiaWilliams: Bring Order & Harmony To All Aspects of Your Life Through Planning

Known as The Small Biz Swiss Army Knife, Alaia Williams joined The Coaching Parlour podcast to talk about, Mindful Planning, Resources, Running your  Business & Career, and oh yeah…the X-Files Reboot! In this episode of The Coaching Parlour podcast had a very left brain and time management & productivity conversation with Alaia Williams,  Business Strategist, Entrepreneur, Networker, TV Junkie, and founder of […]