Online Coaching

Clarity x Breakthrough x Alignment

Getting To The

Root Cause

With Sharpened Perception

NO PARLOUR TRICKS HERE! – Only clarity, power, and vision alignment that leads to intentional manifestation and change your energy yearns for! Through Online Laser Coaching & Counseling we focus on ONE issue, and we get to the root cause! With a life coach online, you will be able to decipher the forest from the trees!

This offering is for the relatively self-reliant individual who is ready to overcome their issue, gain clarity, and manifest change by taking THE NEXT STEP. They may not need a long term coaching program, but need guidance in taking initiative!

It’s about time that you discover yourself, for your own self! As humans, we have a tendency to get lost in the sauce of the situation. Our thoughts go in overdrive, and our emotions can go haywire, causing burnout, self-sabotage, and procrastination in taking the next necessary step! And, If you are like some people, *clears throat* we tend to get into information overload, constantly researching and not knowing where to begin!

That is where Laser Coaching (and Counseling) comes in! This service, offered by yours truly, is guidance in accessing the root of your issue that brings forth clarity, and help with the NEXT step …ONLY!

My approach stems from a metaphysical framework that is inclusive for all, of tackling the situation mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. This method brings forth practical and applicable guidance that can help you formulate the next directive action YOU Need to take!

Uniquely done, uniquely experienced, especially for you!

You already know the answer deep down inside, but need help in drawing it out. Heck, you may not even need long term guidance and accountability just a gentle metaphoric push in the right direction. That is why you should invest in next step laser coaching and work with a life coach online!

Read further to learn more!

How Does It Work

When we are manifesting change in our lives, down to specific issues and situations that require us to make a decision, it has an effect on our various realms of existence.

Spiritual Realm

The Divine Spark

While in spiritual alignment with your truth in the situation, you are able to envision what is not yet conceivable to others. That moves you to further connect to your idea, design a plan, and take action.

Mental Realm

Shifting Of Perspective

The space your hold for your vision helps stimulates ideas. Allowing a shift in your perspective while you connect the dots of information that has been brought to the forefront of your conscious. Ushering clarity as you look at the reality of your situation.

Emotional Realm

Enliven Your Vision

When connecting with how you genuinely feel about your situation and possible next steps you are hold emotional space for you to build a bridge towards your solution. Adding a conscious soul to your goal. Binding your emotions with not only your goal, but The Truth helps steer you in the right direction.

Physical realm

Planting New Seeds

You are moving towards not only what you want, but what you need in your new reality! You are gathering your resources, creating the best suited environment that supports your ambition, connecting with the right individuals and groups, making a commitment to yourself and the decision you made, and taking action to support your intention! Sowing healthy seeds that will take root!

Modalities Used

Uniquely Experienced

A modality is a particular method in which something exists or is experienced or expressed. Various coaching, healing, and brainstorming modalities are used during our online coaching session, email correspondence, and the follow up. Both METAPHYSICAL and PRACTICAL modalities are incorporated in this session that makes it especial and AND effective way to get to the root cause of the matter at hand by looking at energetic patterns, heal the problem, and reverse the symptoms.

The Tools x Techniques

Below are some of the modalities used in our coaching sessions.

  • Intuitive Analysis

  • Mindfulness & Guided Meditation

  • Nlp Coaching

  • Goal Strategy

  • Story Reframing

  • Archetype Identification

Areas Of

Online Coaching

Apply Coaching Wherever, Whenever

Whether you are wanting to make a career change, getting started on a project or small business, or even going through a personal relationship or spiritual experience that needs to be made sense of, coaching (and counseling) can help you through your experience.

Professional Development

Career & Education Guidance

Emotional Wellness

Shadow Work & Stress Management

Micro & SmalL Biz Dev

Conscious Business Ethics Development & Marketing

Spiritual Development

Spiritual Shifts & Expansions

You want to change
your life

And that change begins with how you show up through your attitude and behaviors. How you show up will either support your next step, or hinder your experience. Coaching in whatever area of life will help you become more responsible and accountable.

A Coach Is Someone Who Can Give Correction Without Causing Resentment.

— John Wooden—

Coaching Process

Making The Process Easy and Effective

Next Step online laser coaching, catching your eye, and pulling at your heartstrings? Continue to read further to learn more about the simple process that this experience consist of. The process is done entirely online, from the Intake Call, to the actual private coaching sessions, and the in between email coaching correspondences. Need to schedule your coaching session during your before work, during lunch break, or even in the evenings after work…from your home? NO PROBLEM! How about on Saturday morning before you enjoy the rest of your day with your family? When you partner up with a life coach online you won’t have to worry about getting stuck in traffic!

Intake Call

You schedule your free 20 min call. If we are the right fit for each other, I proceed with questions that will help set the foundation for our coaching session.

Online Coaching Session

A 90 min session that dives into your core issue ONLY that includes an intuitive analysis conducted by, with practical framework and solution orchestrated by you (with my assistance)!

Email Coaching

In between sessions is where sometimes you see a drop in morale, when the session high drops. The 11 day email correspondences will help keep you on track and prepare you for our final follow-up meeting.

Followup Session

After you complete the 11 day email correspondences, we will meet one last time for 90 mins, to set you free in the right direction by focusing on your NEXT STEP. You will be fully aligned with and in support of your decision…with your Vision guiding you.

This coaching package is recommended for individuals who do not need long-term outside accountability, held within a structured framework! Sometimes, all you need is an outsider’s perspective, recommendations, and a nudge in the best suited direction for you in this next phase of your journey.

Time Is Of The Essence

It’s either now or never that you get cracking on deciding on the next chapter of your life.

We create our lives by the decisions we make. From how we respond to external situations, down to what is the next step that we will take.

You may not need complete hand holding in the process, but working with an individual who is unbias to the situation, can provide a different perspective and help you make the decision that is going to catapult you into the next sphere, will be an asset to your team.

Invest in the introductory price of $279 For Online Coaching