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Audio |Marty Rosenblatt: How Consciousness is a Bridge Between Science and Spirituality

Welcome to episode 66 of The Alchemy Parlour podcast. In this episode join me and my guest alchemist and physicist, Marty Rosenblatt, as we discuss How Consciousness is a Bridge Between Science and Spirituality.

Consciousness Is Fundamental as our guest Marty Rosenblatt states on The Applied Precognition Project Website. It is the foundation of who we are, it is what activates us, inspires us, moves us to chorus.

The concept of consciousness is what empowers the statement frequently tossed around in spiritual circles that “WE ARE ALL ONE”.

It’s what empowers my term of endearment of what I call Source. It’s who we are energetically consciousness that survives death, that what allows us to be natural shape-shifters and see the potential in everything and everyone around us.

Alchemist call this The First Cause, that which matter descends from. As Above in “The Heavens”… So Below “On Earth”. In the First Cause, all things are one, plants, animals, Mars, Jupiter, you, and me stemming from the Universal Collective Conscious. And isn’t it interesting that Universe actually translates into “One Song”….or if we even break it down even further One Vibration/ One Frequency…no matter what makes us unique through out own energy signature!

Connecting to that Universal Collective Conscious, Source, The Divine, God is what leads to a Transpersonal experience. One that transcends the human, linear restrictive reality.

Join us as we go over key points such as:

  • Quantum mechanics role in studying consciousness
  • What the “UCC” is and how it relates to the Akashic Records, Book Of Life, and All That Is
  • How Consciousness is bridging Science and Spirituality
  • What is the Now Moment Conscious”. 
  • New Developments in Remote View/Associative Remote Viewing & Feedback
  • Space and time  

                          …and more!


About Marty Rosenblatt

After receiving both his bachelors and masters in physics from UCLA, Marty Rosenblatt went on to have a fruitful career in technology, physics, science, and entrepreneurship. Companies that helped shaped his career path include California Research and Technology which he founded and eventually sold to Titan Corporation, PhysiComp Corporation and its internet subsidiary called EMANATE which he also sold in the mid-1990s.

Fast forward to today, Marty is one of the Original co-Founders and the COO of the Applied Precognition Project (APP . He is the Group Manager for several APP precognition groups, an Associative Remote Viewer (ARV) and Analyst/Judge applying the ARV “Winning Entanglements” (WE) protocol.

Marty is also President of Physics Intuition Applications, which he founded in 1998 to apply Remote Viewing to predicting stock market and sporting event outcomes. He teaches financial and sports precognitive application workshops. Marty also writes the online magazine, “Connections Through Time”.

Episode Energy Reading

From here on out we are going to switch it up and pull three cards in the respective space of Opportunity, Challenge, and Lesson.

Interesting side-note: When looking up “Opportunity” on two synonyms (among others) that came up are space and time. So keep that in mind whenever you hear me reference opportunity in a reading.

The Question I ask you: What is it that you need to release within your psyche in order for you to shift your perception, shed your prejudices, and examine your relation to the collective in more depth?

The Lesson is represented by: The Sun

  • The Power Source — The I AM presence
  • Expanded Awareness powers Higher Intelligence beyond the conscious mind
  • Experience through a lens of innocence
  • Extension from The Collective Conscious that powers our imagination
  • Life Force Energy

The Opportunity is represented: 6 of Wands

  • Understanding that you are in this world, not of this world
  • Mastering of lower level awareness, by drawing from All that is, UCC/Akashic/
  • Channeling from The Book of Life…into an inner knowing by focusing on the ever expanding now.
  • Extending yourself by aligning with that Universal Energy -The Source, to gain a better understanding of your Purpose, and what is driving/moving you forward
  • With clarity comes wisdom, if you are willing to step outside your crystallized beliefs on your perception on what is God, what is reality, what is being human.

The Challenge is represented by: Queen of Swords  

  • Rigidity and Disbelief and being dismissive of your own connections to the collective
  • Pessimism – Cutting yourself off from a Higher Intelligence channeled through your Higher Self.
  • Focusing more on your physical mortality than your spirit/energy immortality

Spiritual Treatment Affirmation

“I AM Consciously connected to The Universal Collective where not only do I  deepen my own truth and reality, but also in how I engage and connect with others.” So be it.

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