What will your business look like in the next 90 days?

The XC Next Step Program is designed to help you achieve your goals in a fraction of the time

With our help, you can achieve your goals and create a bright future for your business.

Are you feeling stuck in your business? You're not alone.

 If you’re like most business owners, you’re always looking for ways to improve your bottom line. The XC Next Step Program is designed to help you achieve your goals in a fraction of the time. 

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Unconventional Methods brings the insights & results you need!

This program is designed to get your business goals accomplished in the next 90 days. It features a day-by-day guide that walks you through what needs to be done each day in order to achieve your goal. Think of your business goal as a mountain you want to climb. The XC Next Step program is like your guide, helping you map out the best route to the top and making sure you have all the supplies you need for the journey.


Included is a goal setting worksheet and a progress tracker so you can stay on track. Additionally, there are weekly check-ins with a coach to help you stay accountable and motivated. This program is beneficial for those who want to achieve a specific goal in their business, but need guidance and support in doing so.

You’ve tried and failed many times to reach your goals because you didn’t have clear direction.

XC is like a rocket ship blasting off into space. It's focused on the destination and has a clear mission.

XC Next Step  program helps you set up the right goals, create a detailed plan, and focus on what matters in the next 90 days.


Gain clarity and confidence in your business decisions

 Get clear, confident business decisions. Archetypes are powerful tools for understanding the inner workings of a business situation. Intuitive Analysis takes a deep dive energetically by interpreting archetypes of biz situations. This information can help you make more confident decisions about your business.

Receive a comprehensive analysis of your business situation, including an interpretation of the archetypes at play.

Get an in-depth understanding of your business! By diving into the archetypes that make up your business, you will get a much deeper understanding of what is going on and how to move forward. This is incredibly valuable information that can help you make major changes in your business!

Access guidance and support in taking action steps towards your business goals

Get Energized. Archetypes are powerful symbols that can guide you in taking action steps towards your business goals. Intuitive Analysis interprets these archetypes and provides guidance on how to move forward with your business goals. This makes it easy to get excited about taking action steps and seeing results.

You know when you just *click* with someone?"

Our clients are entrepreneurs, conscious leaders, individual conducting business with awareness who are constantly seeking new opportunities. They’re always on the lookout for new ideas and new ways to make their businesses more successful. And they’re always looking for ways to improve their bottom line. But sometimes, they need a little help from someone who can see things from a different perspective. That’s where we come in. We offer intuitive analysis that can help our clients see things from a different perspective and make better decisions for their businesses.

Our client is an entrepreneur who was struggling to make decisions about her business. She was feeling stuck and frustrated. After working with her for a while, we decided to use an intuitive analysis to help her understand what was going on. The intuitive analysis gave our client insight into her business and helped her make decisions that she felt good about. She is now seeing results that she is happy with and her business is growing.

Danielle M. Holdman, CEO

What People Say

Working with Coach Danielle was an awesome experience. We she is detailed and thorough yet approachable and connects with me and my ideas. Looking forward to working with her again very soon!!
Magid S
I thought the info that Danielle sent through was absolutely brilliant – brilliant not just for the price but in general. I highly recommend her gig for anyone who is stuck with a specific business, sales or marketing problem or is just looking for some inspiration.
Curran Jones
Oakland, CA
I needed some guidance with my business idea. Danielle gave me some great ideas. I feel inspired to move forward. Thanks Danielle!
Kristen Foster
The assessment I received was right on and very valuable. I am very happy with it. For anyone who needs this type of service. I highly recommend coach Danielle!
J.Lag Jr
San Deigo, CA

How it works

Whether you’re struggling with a particular decision or feel like you’re in uncharted territory, Intuitive Analysis can help you get back on track.

We gain insight and then we apply!

What Is Included

Within this 8 week partnership, you will have some resources and tools supplied to help you get your plan together!

Every person deserves a morning, afternoon or evening of personal time each week to focus on self-healing and growth.


Individual sessions are offered virtually for individuals who are looking for access to coaching. My coaching style is gentle yet dynamic, incorporating creativity as one of our tools while still maintaining structured frameworks so we can identify what’s important.

All sessions are private, which means you’ll get personalized attention with guidance through your exploration without any interruption from anyone else.


Our sessions are recorded so you can listen to them whenever, wherever. You’ll never feel lost again — just head on over and play your session any time. Or bookmark it for later in case you get the words mixed up.

In addition, our accompanying workbook offers a focus on practical exercises to help make sense of everything we talked about during the session – keep referring back to it as reminders if required!

The authentic conscious leadership workbook is filled with examples, contemplations, and quests for YOU.

The exercises are meant to support reflecting on experience and cultivating personal change that will translate into changes in how you interact at work with others.

Take notes, meditate on the words of wisdom as you ponder how they might apply to your life & circumstances while working through some shadow integration techniques and leadership regeneration exercises in between our sessions.

This book will be your arsenal of tools:)


A vision statement, is a written form of guidance for your career and direction in business.

When you’re in the midst of everything, knowing what’s most important can feel difficult. Your vision statement is a powerful reminder of your priorities – written by you and for you.

This process starts by taking an emotional inventory with yourself to think about who or what makes you feel successful. This leads us into a second exercise where we make future projections about our lives; followed by envisioning these statements becoming reality before they were even written down on paper (or screen!).

You’ll find that your personal vision statement will grow as you nurture the leader within you, making it an excellent tool to keep yourself focused on your career and business journey towards success.

Guided Meditations help quiet the mind, ground your spirit and visualize what is possible. Great for group meditation – or to listen at home on your own! 2 minutes of vibrant soundscapes + a 10 minute guided session = 1 powerful combination. Connect with one’s emotions and rejuvenate the soul through a series specially designed to assist in transforming your circumstance!

I know it’s hard to remember all the ideas and exercises we do together. Keeping in touch via email will help keep you accountable and on track with your busy schedule.

Every time I send an email, I’ll include a recap of what we spoke about (click) and links to articles that provide more information or support!

Our communication doesn’t end with sessions, I send you email prompts that will help keep you focused and pointed towards your goals!

Our emails can be customized to fit your needs- all of which is digitally tailored to you.

These email prompts are to help you dig deeper so you won’t get lost in between sessions.

With these email reminders in place there’s no need for “brain fog”, so each time we meet, you’re super prepared.

You are an adventurer and not a perfectionist. You’re  trekking through uncharted territory, crossing the Great Line of Destiny following your North Node which is your intuitive self guided by higher power.


Yet now it’s time for me to let you off your training wheels! After all is said and done we have our follow up session after 30 days, just to see if you actually took that NEXT STEP and allowed your intuition to lead you along the path following YOUR true north! But most importantly, applied what we planned together. 

Hello, there!

If you’re not certain about your direction, if you’ve lost focus, or if you’re starting to doubt your ability to make your business goals a reality, we can help get you back on track. In just 90 days, you can be well on your way to achieving your business goals. So don’t wait any longer, sign up for the XC program today.

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