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Audio |Oubria Tronshaw: The Melanated Classic Tarot- Physical Representation of Inclusion x Diversity In Spiritual & Psychological Spaces

Welcome to episode 69 of The Alchemy Parlour podcast. In this episode join me and my guest alchemist, Oubria Tronshaw, as we discuss The Melanated Classic Tarot as a physical representation of inclusion AND diversity in spiritual and psychological spaces.

It’s important that we see representation in the imagery that we are bombarded with. Ranging from something mundane and mainstream as black mermaids in Disney movies, foundation and concealer shades not only offered by your household brands, but also created by Black Owned Makeup Brands, and black fathers on Huggies diaper boxes.

Representation needs to be seen, felt, and heard in wellness, conscious business, spiritual and metaphysical spaces from the Queen of Wands and The Lovers card in my readings and contemplation moments. To Melanated kings and queens spewing their knowledge on non-duality, science, ancestral healing, and conscious leadership seated on the conference stage.

There seems to be a shift within the collective, a realization that other hues of human beings exist on the planet just like the rainbow that is in the sky. ALL of the variants of Alabaster, Tan, Copper, Bronze, and Espresso shades of being.

It goes beyond the acknowledgement that there is a diversity in looks, feels, and identities, but also inclusivity. That individuals from marginalized communities too also have a story to tell, and knowledge to share. I mean we all are extensions of the same Higher Consciousness? We ALL ARE ONE, right?

It’s time to polish off the various facets of consciousness in physical form, and listen, interact, and expose yourself to people and experiences that are different from yours. Representation Matters, Shift is happening, and awareness is expanding, whether you are proactive or not.

Join us as we discuss the following:

  • Why VISUAL representation matters in media/spiritual/wellness/business/academia spaces and more
  • Tarot and its effects on our subconscious especially when it comes to predominately white imagery
  • Difference between diversity & inclusion, and why are they important in our spiritual communities on and offline
  • How tarot help marginalized voices help tell their story
  • What role her now in Spirit, grandmother Julia play in helping with the manifestation process of this creative project..while in Spirit

…..oh, and MORE!

                          …and more!


Walkthrough Video by Tom Benjamin

About Oubria Tronshaw

Born and raised on the south-side of Chicago, Oubria Tronshaw has always been fascinated with experiences, stories, tales, and grit. Surviving several traumatic experiences helped her understand the importance of sharing bold, personal narratives. She knows that stories save lives!

Realizing a void in the tarot and oracle deck market, Oubria was inspired to co-create (with visual artist, Julia Goolsby) the currently self-published The Melanated Classic Tarot, which was publicly released in 2019. In addition to writing, and conducting intuitive readings, Oubria also provides astrology and human design services available through her website.

Last but not least, Oubria is a graduate from Chicago State University with a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing. She is currently based out in the Sacramento Metro Area with her Husband and children!

Episode Energy Reading

The Queen of Swords comes through to bring for the message of cutting out the b.s that is within your perception, your prejudices, your self inflicted limitations. Expand your mental capacity with the removal of the societal, cultural, political, and religious conditioning of what is beautiful, what is right, what is valuable, what is of goodness.

Both an opportunity and challenge for many is to step out of your comfort zone! Help those who don’t have the same privilege, support and/or access to the doors that open to resource that are beneficial to all.

Learn to see the forest from the trees, and and uncloud your judgement.

Exposure and the discipline and desire to seek, learn, and fully comprehend initiates an evolutionary process not only for your mind, heart, and soul, but initiates you as a catalyst for subtle change of the new ways of believing, interacting, and growth for those within your own community.

The Queen of Swords wants you to rise above the clouds, so you can have a clear view of the horizons. What is your first step in initiating change?

Spiritual Treatment Affirmation

“I choose to step outside of my limitations and my comfort zone, to learn and see the beauty outside of my belief systems. In return it allows others to be seen, heard, respected, and included. So be it. “

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