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Audio | Patrick Keller: The Paranormal Experience. Living & Co- Existing With Things Beyond Normal

Welcome to Episode 53 of The Coaching Parlour podcast! In this episode, join me and my guest alchemist: Patrick Keller while we talk about The Paranormal Experience. Living & Co- Existing With Things Beyond Normal!

There are many mysteries and wonders about the world we reside in. Life after death is something that is always in the back of our mind, and we are constantly reminded of the mortality of our physical bodies, and the immortality of soul’s and where it precedes after completion of our duties here on earth.

Will we be earthbound as ghost, so clearly connected to the life we once lived that we refuse to transition beyond the physical realities that was predominant in our psyche?

Elsewhere in the Universe Are there other higher intelligence and life besides the human and animal experience that reside here on earth.

In mainstream the paranormal may either be looked at as a joke or to hardcore skeptics a figment of your imagination. If it doesn’t fit the narrative of one’s own values and beliefs, one has a tendency to reject it unless it’s proven to them, but really it starts with the willingness to be open and a shifting of one’s perspective. What we thought we knew…we really don’t know!

To many others around this planet, from ancient times to moderns times, from indigenous cultures across the lands, to city dwellers, and suburbanites on main street. Co-existing with the paranormal is a common magical everyday occurrence in one’s life whether it’s intentional or through peaceful acceptance .

SO, is everything that we are experiencing all made up in the mind and a figment of our imagination?

If you are working with your different clairs (clairaudience, clairvoyants,etc.) reiki or spiritual healing energy, various divination tools, ancestor work, metaphysics, or ANYTHING THAT IS WELL OUTSIDE THE ESTABLISHED BOUNDARIES OF SCIENCE, then it is part of the paranormal.

Join this candid conversation as we go over key points such as:

  • What consists of the Paranormal
  • Myth busting both the Paranormal & somewhat The Occult
  • Healthy Skepticism
  • How The Paranormal Has Helped Us On Our Spiritual Journey

 … Lots of giggling, personal stories, and more!


About Patrick Keller

Patrick Keller is an educator, blogger and the host of the Big Séance Podcast, which is a forum for “paranerds” to have an open dialogue about all things paranormal. He has been a featured podcaster on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory. Some of his notable guests have included Chip Coffey, Loyd Auerbach, Amy Bruni, Adam Berry, Rosemary Ellen Guiley, Troy Taylor, Guy Lyon Playfair, Karen A. Dahlman, and one of the world’s most investigated and celebrated mystifiers, Uri Geller.

He founded the Missouri Spirit Seekers, a paranormal research team, and he has spent a lot of time experimenting with spirit communication tools and techniques, such as EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena). One of Patrick’s passions is cemetery photography, and spending hours at a time capturing the natural beauty of the cycle of life and death in a place typically stricken with grief.

To learn more about Patrick Keller and The Big Seance Podcast, visit:

Episode Energy Reading

Interesting how The Fool Card was pulled once again, but this time joined with a friend, the 9 of Wands, and remember you can find a copy of this insight and spiritual mind treatment in the show notes at

Both asking us to dive deeper In the world around us, suspending and surpassing our personal beliefs. what is it that you thought you knew about the world around you that don’t know anymore.

Sometimes we have to question our belief, because for the most part they were passed down to us and programmed into our minds, overriding our imagination and power to think for ourselves. We are told what to think and believe..not how to think and believe.

Is it just us that exist in this world or do others. are there other worlds around is it just the one we are experiencing and seeing with our physical eyes that we have not brought into the the forefront of our consciousness.

We are of spirit first, energy. physical second to deny that paranormal aspect of yourself is not accepting who you are wholeheartedly. It’s like denying your heritage, and the path of your evolution.

Deny oneself of their own truth and leaving it in the graveyards of their psyche , permits the rebellion of the shadow reject part of self, tricking our minds projecting fantasies, and giving us false hope.

So, where does one go to find the truth that is out there?

Yes you may have to walk through the internal cemetery to reach the beautiful garden that is past the tombstones where your outdated beliefs lay. In that field of dreams is the where our heart lies the gate that open and encompasses our truth and the world of possibilities that reside within it.

It will cause you to test your faith suspend your beliefs discover new ways of thinking and relating to the world that is in the inner realms and external physical world around you.

Challenge yourself to unconventional ways of relating ad researching new topics that scared you before because of societal, cultural, and religious programming. .

I challenge you to ask yourself this: where do you want to go after you complete this physical leg of your journey. Where do you see your energy, spirit, soul, residing, living, exploring, and experiencing that will exercise your courage to imagine, to expand, to be filled with endless possibilities and actually live freely on all levels of your being that is paranormal.

Spiritual Treatment Affirmation

“I travel to the worlds within going below the depths of my shadows into the canyons of imagination that enables me to see beyond the world that I know into a world that is possible and beyond normal.”

So be it.

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