Audio | Randy Spelling: The Difference Between Chasing Happiness and Living Authentically In Truth

Welcome to Episode 56 of The Coaching Parlour podcast! In this episode, join me and my guest alchemist: Randy Spelling while we discuss The Difference Between Chasing Happiness and Living Authentically In Truth.

Whether we are aware or not, many of us are traveling through our journey chasing happiness, believing that is what’s going to change our life for the better and lead us to the promise land of freedom,

yet we approach the mirage that appears as what we believe as happiness we end up disappointed,cheated, and disillusioned. We fall into the trappings and vices that temporary numb the pain, but in the long run does more harm than good.

In chasing what you may deem as the “good life,” you have may have sacrificed your relationships, overall health and wellness, and, at the end of the day, still find yourself with a life and work that brings you little in return..

Especially for the amount of time, energy you are spending on it, and sacrifice you have made

This leads to what many are currently experiencing, The Dark night of the soul in the form of heartache, lacking,depression, anxiety, and frustration.

Chasing happiness will not help solve the challenges you face or the emptiness you feel.

The antidote of this situation is to discover our Truth and pursue meaning vs happiness, and that includes exploring facets of ourselves that entails the duality of beauty and ugliness, joy & pain, shadows & periods of illuminations.

Once we chisel away and get to the core of who we are, we are to embrace it, integrate and anchor ourselves in that Truth, and only then can we set out on journey of living more authentically before.

Of course with the understanding that as we get further along our path, more of our Truth will be revealed to us. . Happiness will reappear again, but only this time internally vs. the external mirage you experienced before.

In this episode we are having a delightful conversation with fellow Life & business Coach, Randy Spelling. in our discussion we talk about the difference between chasing happiness & living authentically, the dark night of the soul experience, the trappings of fame, and why we need to be anchored in our truth, to fully take ownership of our life.

Join us as we go over key points such as:

The difference between living authentically vs. chasing happiness.

  • Randy’s journey through The Dark Night Of The Soul.
  • How celebrity & fame are both amplifiers and mirrors of the collective’s shadow.
  • Why it’s important to anchor yourself in YOUR Truth!

                  … and more!

About Randy Spelling

Randy Spelling, is a Life & Business Coach and owner of Randy Spelling Coaching based in Portland, Oregon. A passionate practitioner of change, he has been working with clients for over a decade helping them find lasting results, and reach a higher level of both success and happiness.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, CA to one of the most well known Hollywood families in the entertainment business, Randy had access to money, celebrity, and success yet felt a massive void within that he was busy filling with unhealthy excess of every material thing available.

After hitting rock bottom due to multiple factors that included the death of his father Legendary Hollywood Mogul, Aaron Spelling, and his own Near Death Experience, Randy set out on a mission to find and discover himself, and his own purpose outside of Hollywood’s trappings.

And also to understand what it takes to reach real happiness, how to transform low self-esteem, minimize anxiety and overwhelm, and find and align with what leads to a truly fulfilled, connected life.

Now married to the love of his life,a proud father of two daughters, and a self-proclaimed foodie, Randy Spelling reversed engineered his life, became a credentialed life coach, author of the book, Unlimiting You: Step Out of Your Past & Into Your Purpose, and is busy teaching,speaking, and working with private clients.

To learn more about Randy Spelling and his coaching company Randy Spelling Coaching, visit:

Episode Energy Reading

The eager and will of the Knight of Wands, joins us in setting the intention of this episode reminding us to come alive! Be alert, vigorous, action orientated when it comes interacting with life it’self.

As responsive the knight can be, it’s reminding that there is a time for everything. A time be still, a time take to action. A time, to be in a contemplative mode, and to to act out your ideas, a time time be the teacher, and a time to be the student.

If you are wanting to get of the hamster wheel of chasing an idea, you need to be the student, be contemplative, go within, and ask for your steps to be ordered.

Only then will YOUR truth be revealed to you, setting you out on a secret mission, to fully discover and embrace the real you, no matter how hard, brash, complex, and overwhelming it will be.

The Knight of Wands, reminds you that w/o pain their is no gain. And all that you are experiencing is not done in vain. So put on your Golden Armour of Silver light, to protect yourself, and mount your horse, because you are going on adventure within, that is going to turn your world inside out.

Stay committed to this transformative experience, be detach to the outcome, and trust the process.

As each stage of your progress unfolds, that lead that was weighing you down, due to what you thought was happiness, is going to turn into gold when you discover and anchor yourself in your Truth — the trans-formative elixir , and align yourself with ACTUAL STATE OF BEING…NOT IDEA of Authentic Happiness.

Ground yourself in this knight of wands energy and become aligned with The Divine Source energy within and around you, and say to yourself

Spiritual Treatment Affirmation

“I am ALIVE, flowing through life vigorously yet effortlessly transforming the idea of Happiness into a State of Being by discovering, anchoring in, and living out my Truth.”

So be it.

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