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Audio |S. Ali Myers: Finding Your Spiritual Style, Connecting With your Ancestors, Setting Up and Programming Your Altar

Welcome to episode 68 of The Alchemy Parlour podcast. In this episode join me and my guest alchemist, S.Ali Myers, as we discuss Finding Your Spiritual Style, Connecting With your Ancestors, and Setting Up and Programming Your Altar.

Working with your lineage helps you connect with the intimate aspects of the collective within your family. It helps you to recognize generational trauma that can be healed when you position yourself to not only understand, but have an innerstanding of the stories.

Working with your lineage helps you to recognize the special aspects within your family within your genealogy, within your identity that you can harness, and use it to empower you to fully show up and be present in your family interactions. Also be proud of where you came from.

There is a place that you can construct externally, AND even internally where you can focus your energy and suspend any presuppositions regarding connecting with your ancestors, and that is your altar.

A place where you can give reverence to those who have come before you, and not only that, a place where you can give it up for gratitude, and honor what YOU personally deem as the Most High as your Creator.

Your altar is your sacred space where you can celebrate, and through a genuine need, want and desire embrace your familial, cultural, and spiritual heritage. Embrace your creativity through physical, symbolic representations of your family roots and the items on your altar can also be a physical symbolic representation of your prayer.

Your divinely guided setup is a remembrance of where you’ve come from that is entrusting you to keep moving forward. Last but not least, it also helps you embrace the bridge your altar represents between the physical and the spiritual world.

There are many who are misinformed or as I would say ill informed on what honoring your ancestors and altar work is. Those who are misinformed and have there own prejudices assume that you are worshiping demons or working with the devil [Insert any bigoted and ignorant comment here}.

My question to you is how are your ancestors demons? How are the dead demons? So what I gathered from these statements that I’ve observed in comments around the web is that when you die…you automatically become a demon? Please, make that make sense.

How are those who have come before you within your family line, on the land you are residing on, and walked this plane of existence – how are they demons?

Your ancestors, who have been in this thing called life which is really a marathon-ran in this Marathon and passed the Baton onto you through dna, blood, generations, culture.. How do you call those individuals demons?

Well if that is how you choose to look at it then those demons are part of you? Now were there some evil individuals in the past even in your familial line that you wouldn’t want to waste a breathe on….Oh hell yes!

But there are ancestors who maneuvered through their lifetime facing situations during their lifetime and in many ways have been a catalyst for change.We are their dreams manifested.

Right now as we speak, we are being a catalyst of change healing generational traumas disguised as curses because we are intentionally doing THE WORK!

When we transition from this life and become ancestors ourselves… because that is a future title for us all, our dreams that may have been manifested in the form of our offspring and our grandnieces grandchildren grandnephews will also be a catalyst for change. – The family story continues, but because of the work that we are doing, but it will be a more powerful story.

Join us as we go over key points such as:

  • What Freestyle Spirituality is. …and how one identify that they are freestyle spiritualist.
  • The role self-awareness and self-acceptance play, when you are defining your own spiritual path.
  • How one would identify an ancestor, and start connecting with their ancestors.
  • Why ancestor honoring is beneficial to one’s spiritual growth.
  • How  common it is for different religious and spiritual traditions to have an altar not only at the church but also in the home.
  • Tips one can incorporate in their altar setup.

                          …and more!


About S. Ali Myers

Metaphysical teacher, lecturer, Content Creator, and entrepreneur, S. Ali Myers, is the author of the #1 bestseller Deity Linkage Manual: How to Find Your Gods & Goddesses Using Numerology. With over 2.5 million video views and over 34,000 youtube subscribers, S Ali Myers has been able to connect with individuals internationally who are ready to take ownership of their spiritual path, gain a stronger connection with themselves and their place on earth plane. Myers mission through his content, classes, and online metaphysical store is to inspire Souls to be self-accountable for their spiritual mastery while maintaining their uniqueness and sovereignty.

Episode Energy Reading

From here on out we are going to switch it up and pull three cards in the respective space of Opportunity, Challenge, and Lesson.

Interesting side-note: When looking up “Opportunity” on two synonyms (among others) that came up are space and time. So keep that in mind whenever you hear me reference opportunity in a reading.

We are Children of the Divine that navigates our lifetimes through their own awareness traveling through lifetimes experiencing trials and tribulations…falling, surviving or thriving.We draw Upon Our Ancestors within our bloodline our lineage understanding that each branch of the tree is  an extension of a generation that stems from the same Roots. The Roots that is Source. There may be times where you feel alone in the world, but you have never been alone. Memories of your family of stories passed through generations are encompassed within your conscious, through your DNA, flowing through your blood are your ancestors, and the love for them is captured within your heart. 

The Lesson is represented by: The World

Through research your ancestral line through researching the land where you reside and who resided before you understanding the climate during the time that these individuals were alive gain in the wisdom through there Collective trials and tribulations finding gratitude in that and how you can apply that wisdom into your current situation.

In order for you to know where you are going you need to understand where you have been. And when I say you I’m talking about your family’s Journey what was your family’s struggles what were your family’s triumphs from generation to generation. how does this relate to the collective? what was the foundation in the history of where you’re at?

The Opportunity is represented: 10 of Cups

Family, lineage, Story, Connection, Power, Love, Support

Emotional Connection to who you are you, and your place in the family tree on a micro and macro level. Explore building a bridge
This is a Completion, and it is about turning a new page and receiving a new key to unlock the door.

The Challenge is represented by: The Tower

Relearning, Rediscovering, Reconnecting, Rebuilding.

It is about the breaking of and restructuring your foundation
You should be able to take your ancestral research and draw from it points that resonated with you, and put it into action. You’ve got to be willing to intentionally connect with your story not just the history, understand and make necessary changes. Heal any generational trauma.

Spiritual Treatment Affirmation

“In developing a connection with my ancestors in my own unique, creative, and authentic way I gain clarity, I prosper, I start writing a new chapter, I extended the branch on my family tree and strengthen the roots.” So be it. 

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