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Audio | Shane Kulman: The Enchantress Discuss Transforming Anxiety Into Confidence

Welcome to Episode 52 of The Coaching Parlour podcast! In this episode, join me and my guest alchemist: Shane Kulman while we talk about Transforming Anxiety into Confidence, and How It Can Lead To Internal Freedom !

The importance of transforming anxiety into confidence which will will lead you to internal freedom. We also discuss how the Divine Feminine energy, that we all encompass, and how it can be utilize as a healing force in transforming one’s anxiety, using our emotions as fuel to get from point a to point b, and how connecting with our bodies in a sensual way can help sustain our confidence.

Confidence is the fuel that can lead you towards internal freedom, but unfortunately due to anxiety that plagues majority one the population in some capacity, it can prevent us from trusting ourselves, the process, and losing site of our vision and the skills and gifts that we encompass.

Join us as we go over key points such as:

  • How the Divine Feminine Works In Helping you Develop your Confidence
  • Why Improvisation As Life Is Power 
  • Roots Of Anxiety
  • How Burlesque Dancing Helped The Enchantress Build Her Confidence

 …and more

About Shane Kulman

Enchantress Shane is a Spiritual teacher, motivational performer and coach for awkward sensitive folks who desire personal liberation and the confidence of a showgirl! Her teachings include the Fuck Your Fears game, and The Enchanted Burlesque Coven. Her education is Masters in Special Education, theatre and years of workshops and training, and most important her heartfelt intuition. She runs the Facebook group The Awkward Enchanted Coven for magically creative women to feel safe and expansive in Sisterhood.  Shane leads a burlesque performance series for men and women as modality for guiding her students towards ultimate confidence!

You can learn more about her  at

Episode Energy Reading

The Fool is asking us how can we revolutionize the way we communicate with and think about ourselves. The conversations we have with ourselves can be quite abusive and damaging leading to mistrust, disbelief, and abandonment not of others, but of ourselves. How can we explore the shadows within that is fueling our anxiety, and bring forth love, understanding, and gain an acceptance.

Acceptance that builds confidence, gives us room to make mistakes through our wanderlust, and turn the information we’ve gained through those experiences into wisdom that affects us in a positive way, our growth and expansion of conscious.The fool is the key unlocking the door to our heart chakra. That’s going to allow us to experience genuine Divine Agape Love,and help us accept the person that we view in the mirror that may look foreign to us.

Because of our personal prejudices we are going to feel uncomfortable, because that image of ourselves in that mirror does not fit what was projected on us by our upbringing, by our cultural and societal conditioning. It’s to take risk, and align with the energy and image that is uncomfortable because it’s foreign to our psyche, but it’s the right fit for our soul. It’s time to embody the confidence that is going to help us explore uncharted territories within and in the world around.

Spiritual Treatment Affirmation

“I open up my heart and explore avenues within the shadows of myself that will power my confidence and allow me to heal and transcend the anxiety within.”

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