[Audio] |Sky Nelson Isaacs: Flow, Synchronicity and the Science Behind It

Welcome to episode 78 of The Alchemy Parlour podcast. In this episode, join me and my guest alchemist, Sky Nelson Isaacs, as we discuss Flow, Synchronicity and the Science Behind It.

When I originally recorded this conversation it was a couple months back, and as you can see A WHOLE bunch of ish has transpired since then. Globally we are experiencing a breakdown, which will eventually lead us to a breakthrough IF…and ONLY IF we are angered enough to move towards change.

For the past umpteenth episodes I have talked about transformation, personal power, intention, Divine Protection…I can go on and ON. Yes, it may sound like fluff…but it’s truth. It’s truth that is leading you to where we are at right now… RIGHT NOW AT THIS VERY MOMENT EVERYTHING IS FALLING DOWN. THE FOUNDATION IS CRACKED AND HAS BEEN CRACKED. BUT NOW…the structures are falling. It’s scary because what is familiar is now disappearing.
The most valuable asset we have is our health and or mortality. And it’s being threatened by something invisible.

But don’t look at it is a threat. Look at it as test of your own tenacity, your own strength, your own sovereignty, falling back on your Higher Self and the arms of The Divine when you feel weak, anxiety driven, and weary.

Taking risks, and moving forward even when things are unclear, murky, scary, uncertain, observing, questioning things, and holding people and organizations accountable is on the the pathway to liberation.

Be open to the Stars, Cosmos, and your Divine Intuition to show you the way towards to the

Join us as we discuss the following: 

  • How living in flow strengthen our trust.
  • How flow corresponds to synchronicity. 
  • The role of synchronicity and flow in scientific discovery.
  • How quantum mechanics may explain synchronicity.
  • How does work on flow and synchronicity fit into social justice and community building. 
  • How an apple tree is a legit metaphor for flow and synchronicity.

…..oh, and MORE!

Resources Mentioned In This Episode

The Master Mind, Body & Spirit Podcast ( I was a guest panelist on w/Sky Nelson -Isaacs)

About Sky Nelson-Isaacs

Sky Nelson-Isaacs is an author and physics educator building a foundation for a scientific understanding of synchronicity in our modern world. He relies on a mix of modalities—science + self inquiry—to learn from life.

Sky obtained a masters degree in physics from San Francisco State University, has had careers in education, in the software industry, and in music, and has spent the past twenty years studying synchronicity, with the last 12 years publishing academic papers on it.

Sky was raised amidst the teachings of Integral Yoga creator, Sri Swami Sat-chi-dan-anda, through which he developed a modern, no BS perspective on spiritual inquiry which has guided his scientific pursuits.

Issacs has always been passionate about personal and professional development, training with The Pathways Institute as a young adult, and years later with the More to Life program.

Episode Energy Reading

Overall Lesson: 5 of Swords

Confrontating and Clearing So You Can Get In The Flow.

Underlining Energies: 3 of Coins

Taking Responsibility of what needs to be shifted so you can become more in align with the weave that you web through your intentions.

Action Need to Take: Emperor

Trusting your Boundaries that allows you to feel safe. You making room for the Flow to Happen. What are you doing to create some type of structure in your life for the flow to happen.


“I AM Aligned with the Vortex and Divine Grace & Divine Love, making room for synchronistic events that are a beneficial for my Soul’s Highest Evolution. So be it.”