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Audio | Tamisha Ford: How Spiritual Assertiveness Fuels Our Personal Power and Contributes To Our Sanity & Happiness

Welcome to Episode 55 of The Coaching Parlour podcast! In this episode, join me and my guest alchemist: Tamisha Ford while we discuss How Spiritual Assertiveness Fuels Our Personal Power and Contributes To Our Sanity & Happiness.

Assertiveness…a word that means different things for different people is a core communication skill.

When one is someone is standing in their assertive power they are able to express themselves effectively and stand up for their point of view.

When one is connecting not only to their Solar Plexus but engaging through their heart chakra, and activating their throat chakra, they are respecting the rights and beliefs of others. The gift in return to the assertive individual is a boost in their self-esteem and the earned respect not only from other, but most importantly from themselves

So, Why does Assertiveness get a bad rap?

As you enter the parlour and listen to our Guest Alchemist, Tamisha Ford, you’ll see that we go over the confusion between Assertiveness and Aggressiveness, and the keyword that thoroughly that explained the power behind Assertiveness that turned on a light bulb within my head!

Assertiveness, gives one the power to disagree and align with their inner truth.
Assertiveness, propels you to express that truth, connect with the Divinity within and communicate honestly.
Assertiveness, strengthens the boundaries that we set for ourselves and others to respect.
Assertiveness allows us to activate the power within our voice, giving us a chance to shine our light, extend our hand, and help others along the way.

Giving away that power causes a fear of criticism, unfair treatment, difficulty in expressing oneself, a failure of receiving what you are worth, playing the blame game, remorse, and sense of defeat!

In this episode’s discussion between myself and Tamisha, feel empowered by the insight received as we discuss compassionate assertiveness, finding your distinction, the power of “NO” and unpopular decisions, and plethora of other facets along the spectrum of assertiveness.

Join us as we go over key points such as:

  • How Distinction applies to an individual’s spiritual assertiveness, sanity, and happiness.
  • Ways an individual can honor themselves in hopes that it will aid them to become more assertive.
  • Why being respected better than being liked.
  • The power and importance of the word “No”.
  •  … and more!

About Tamisha Ford

Tamisha Ford is an established online influencer who has been writing and publishing quality content online for over a decade in the areas of assertiveness, confidence, women’s leadership, and women’s voices. She has an MBA and a Bachelor’s of Science in Education. She loves deep convos about a wide-range of subjects, including psychology, education, leadership, the role of spirituality in the modern world, and on occasion, politics.

Her work has been featured on, Forbes Woman, and Refinery 29, among others. She has successfully coached many women, both professionally and personally in the aforementioned areas. She spent 2 years coaching introverted & highly sensitive women specifically, and has written successful programs and courses, such as The Introvert Architecture and Assurance, a 6-week online digital course on assertiveness.

Tamisha has likewise spent 18 years in various industries in the corporate IT world as a business analyst, project manager, manager, and in various leadership roles in multiple industries.

To learn more about Tamisha Ford and her consulting company Distinction Studio, visit:

Episode Energy Reading

The Magician join us in this conversation setting the energy intention of this episode.

Your wish is my command,The Magician is telling you, command instead of demand the paying of dividends with energy, attention.

Command your respect.
Command your worth.
Command, your power to propel you in the direction that you want to flourish.

There is power behind your clarity, assurance, your inner knowing. Once you step into alignment with those energetic ingredients, then you will be able to manifest assertiveness whenever you need to tackle an obstacle in front of you. Through the power of assertiveness,you’ll be able to confront the shadows that are being projected onto you, and even from you.

Aligning with the magician energy when aggregating the energy patterns behind assertiveness, amplifies your power to to tap into your Divinity. Enables you to lay the law down, when people attempt to overstep your boundaries.

Your Spiritual Assertiveness aids in the fearless conquering of territories within that are seen as foreign and fearsome, but is needed for you to explore in order to broaden your horizon, which will eventually guide you into Wisdom.

The magician is here to remind you, what you think of your self, is reflected in the reactions that manifest in your interactions with others, and in situations out of your control.

For you only have power over yourself:
You can change the filter of your perception,
You can change the dial of your emotional compass
You can exert the energy of your will and have it propel you forward…or not,
And you can stand tall in your Divine Birthright of Spiritual Sovereignty that is channeled from the power of your Higher Self that withstand anything that projected your way.

Thus activating the suit of Assertiveness and trust within one’s knowing.

Ascending into your assertiveness, you are trusting the guidance from Source that brings together in harmony all that you need fulfill your destiny,

turn that which has been dead weight into a freeing feeling that is a gateway for you to discover new possibilities that will fulfill your desires, and lead you to wholeness and happiness.

Spiritual Treatment Affirmation

“I manifest the power to stand in my assertiveness and own it, allowing my assertiveness to bring truth, harmony, and clarity into my perception and expand my self-awareness.”

So be it.

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