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TCP 004: Acquiring New Opportunities Through Joy & Self Appreciation Podcast

“I slept and dreamt that life was joy. I awoke and saw that life was service. I acted and behold, service was joy.”
― Rabindranath Tagore


 Self Appreciation + Joy= New Opportunities

A simple equation yet very hard for one to comprehend at times! On the off chance that you truly need to bring into your life everything that you need, want, and more, then start with valuing all that you have now including yourself. Here’s the way by which it meets desires – you bring into your life whatever it is that you focus your contemplation upon. In this manner, if you focus on everything that you need in your life, you increase that vibration of more need. Regardless, if you fixate appreciation on all that you have, you get a more prominent measure of what you require.

 Recognize where you are at this time, and find gratitude in the blessings in your life and for what is to come. Even if it is NOT apparent, show appreciation because as long as you have a game plan, take strategic action, skew on the side joy and find appreciation for yourself and what YOU are doing, new opportunities are definitely abound!

That is the methods by which the Power of Appreciation works. Welcome the now, and be energized with the suspicion of getting all that you aching, and more will come into your life.

Much the same as your goal is not to complete your escape – it is to value it. The same is legitimate with most of your longings. You for the most part have new yearnings. You’ll never fulfill each one of them, in light of the way that no sooner is one fulfilled that ten more are imagined. It’s what keeps you alive. Could you imagine living consistently with the prospect that you have authoritatively fulfilled every yearning? That there is nothing else to fulfill? Clearly not. There would be no motivation to life. No urges for exploration and new knowledge! So longings are not the nonattendance of something; they are the surety of what is yet to come. How empowering! All that you require – you’ll have as long as it is for your highest and best good!

Understanding that there is no need – just desires yet to be fulfilled, you can loosen up, recognize, and value all that is starting now in your life. Align yourself with that joyful attitude, exploring and experiencing life, yourself, your career or your business in all of it’s wonders!

Questions to ask yourself:

1.) What are ways that you can show appreciation for yourself?
2.) How do you define joy?
3.) How can I appreciate myself and how I can contributing to the growth of my career or my business development?
4.) How can I apply joy into majority of the actions I take towards my own personal and professional growth?



The world is an abundant place that seeks to nourish and support my highest aspirations.


Give Yourself the Permission To BE Rooted in Joy and Self-Appreciation! It’s Healthy and Quite Effective!

What are ways that you show yourself appreciation? How does it reframe your mindset and attitude to become aware of new ol?  List it below in the comment section! 


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