The Alchemy Parlour

The Catalyst To Change is Conversation

“The art of conversation is the art of hearing as well as of being heard.”

-William Hazlitt

The Alchemy Parlour Podcast
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Soulful Self Help And Motivation That's Straight With No Chaser

Safe Space For The Conversation You Yearn For

About The Alchemy Parlour

Integrating your INNER REALM with your external existence helps one to gain an innerstanding that aids in navigating transcending the B.S and embrace the unique beauty of physical reality.

The Alchemy Parlour podcast with Certified Professional Coach and Ordained Metaphysical Minister & Practitioner, Danielle M. Holdman, CPC, is a podcast centered around spiritual, personal and professional development for the soul.


Delivered through pep talks from Coach Holdman, and interviews from life’s students that step up to the mic to share their consciousness taken from their own research, experiences, and journey.

Topics range from practical spirituality, transpersonal & paranormal experiences, shadow work, vocation & financial alchemy, self care, mental & emotional health, sex & sensuality, creativity, social & spiritual justice and inclusion, and more!

All presented with down to earth, sass, soul, and heartfelt advice, stories and tips that will leave you inspired, focused, expanded and filled with clarity and ammunition to do your own research, connect with your own purpose, and show out in the world!

Simple Yet

Focused Intentions

Topics are presented on The Alchemy Parlour are presented from a metaphysical standpoint, but with mundane examples, and practical, action-oriented tips. The conversations leaves the individual understanding the topics on multiple levels, inspired to take empowering action, stemming from love over fear!


We Want Our Listeners Engaged

The Alchemy Parlour podcast aims to appeal to the mind, heart, soul, and leave you to embody the wisdom you cultivate through application. 

Understanding the flow


Creating a structured format, so you can vibe, consume, and enjoy the content that is presented by myself and my guest.

Sharing my perspective on the topic discussed with guest.

Through intentions, setting the tone through intuitive insight, and centering ourselves though an affirmation also known as a Spiritual Mind Treatment.

Interviews range from inclusion & diversity in spirituality, the mother wound, alchemy, astrology & tarot, and even conscious business & leadership. PLUS MORE! 

Resources, tools, tips, and jewels of wisdom are dropped throughout the episode and shared in the accompanying show notes.

Wanting to experience ON THE GO COACHING?


The Alchemy Parlour podcast is available at your fingertips on ANY and EVERY mobile device.

If, The Alchemy Parlour podcast appeals to you, dive into our archives on the website by clicking the button on the picture!It’s also distributed Apple Podcast, Spotify, Stitcher, iHeart Radio, Tune In, Google Play, or any of your favorite mobile podcatchers like Pocketcast, Podcast Addict, and Overcast!




Life Experiences

Transpersonal Conscious Business & Leadership Shadow Healing & Integration

Recent Episodes

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