[Audio] | Dayna Lynn Nuckolls: The People’s Oracle On Divination for Liberation through Sidereal Astrology.

Welcome to episode 77 of The Alchemy Parlour podcast. In this episode join me and my guest alchemist, Dayna Lynn Nuckolls aka The People’s Oracle , as we discuss Divination for Liberation through Sidereal Astrology.

When I originally recorded this conversation it was a couple months back, and as you can see A WHOLE bunch of ish has transpired since then. Globally we are experiencing a breakdown, which will eventually lead us to a breakthrough IF…and ONLY IF we are angered enough to move towards change.

For the past umpteenth episodes I have talked about transformation, personal power, intention, Divine Protection…I can go on and ON. Yes, it may sound like fluff…but it’s truth. It’s truth that is leading you to where we are at right now… RIGHT NOW AT THIS VERY MOMENT EVERYTHING IS FALLING DOWN. THE FOUNDATION IS CRACKED AND HAS BEEN CRACKED. BUT NOW…the structures are falling. It’s scary because what is familiar is now disappearing.
The most valuable asset we have is our health and or mortality. And it’s being threatened by something invisible.

But don’t look at it is a threat. Look at it as test of your own tenacity, your own strength, your own sovereignty, falling back on your Higher Self and the arms of The Divine when you feel weak, anxiety driven, and weary.

Taking risks, and moving forward even when things are unclear, murky, scary, uncertain, observing, questioning things, and holding people and organizations accountable is on the the pathway to liberation.

Be open to the Stars, Cosmos, and your Divine Intuition to show you the way towards to the

Join us as we discuss the following: 

  • How Astrology is a language
  • Why Astrology (or ANY divination tool) is demonized through Christian Propaganda.
  • Why  more POC of color, especially those of the African Diaspora are gravitating more towards the arts & sciences of Astrology and Tarot?
  • Ayanamsa and why it is the key to the differentiation of tropical and sidereal astrology
  • Misconceptions about sidereal astrology.
  • Decolonizing Astrology

…..oh, and MORE!

Resources Mentioned In This Episode

About Dayna Lynn Nuckolls

Now, more than ever, people are urgently seeking guidance and a sense of purpose and meaning that furthers our liberation. Not only our political liberation, but our social, emotional, and spiritual liberation.

Dayna Lynn Nuckolls, The People’s Oracle, provides Divination for Liberation. She skillfully uses oracles with integrity (sidereal astrology, tarot, dream interpretation, and intuitive guidance) in service to the spiritual and political resistance of our time.

On Twitter, (@PeoplesOracle), she is known for her incisive and relevant social commentary, and consistently accurate predictions for her clients and for the collective political climate both at home in the US and abroad.

Episode Energy Reading

Overall Lesson: 5 of Cups

It’s time to confront that which as been oppressing you and bring you grief. You must confront in order to liberate yourself.

  • Turning away from what is familiar to and embracing what is unknown
  • Mourning our Identity and what has been projected onto us that we claimed
  • Shifting to awareness and identities ones that we explore and discover for ourselves.
  • What is it that we are having an issue of trusting?
  • How can we Honor, what we once claimed as part of us, yet still connect to the ANU.

Underlining Energies: The Queen of Wands

Tapping into a esoteric information that can revitalize your vision, how you not only identify, but connect.

  • It takes a shifting of perspective to gain a more depth understanding, on the communication between the planets and how they will guide and teach you the ways to overcome and thrive…even in turbulent times.
  • Re-awaken all that you ever needed to know that was already housed within your inner environment, Spiritual Goals and earthly endeavors you not only wanted to experience but needed to experience in order for you to evolve and transcend.

Action Need to Take: 10 of Wands

Transition phase. It’s necessary for growth. Never said liberation was going to be easy.

  • Letting go of the old is hard, and rough on your system. Still do it.
  • -Blinded by the chaos, trust your instincts and intuition that is going to help you remove your old identity as it is no longer servicing your ascension = shift of perspective.

“I feel liberated as I shed that which no longer services how I and others identify me, my vision, mission, and goals while experiencing my incarnation. So be it. “