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Audio | Amina Al Tai: The Importance of Prioritizing Wellness Over Hustling & the Effects it has on the Mind, Body &Soul

Welcome to Episode 54 of The Coaching Parlour podcast! In this episode, join me and my guest alchemist: Amina Al Tai while we discuss The Importance of Prioritizing Wellness Over Hustling and the Effects It Has On The Mind, Body, and Soul. We live in a society where Hustle and Grinding are the Dominate messages that ring through […]


TCP019| Yolanda Shoshana: Becoming Your Own Guru & Listening to Your Inner Voice

My real guru are my experiences in life – the realization that you are alone in this world came very early to me. Kailash Kher   The Beginning  Starts With You! I had the pleasure of conversing with Yolanda Shoshana,  Charmed Lifestyle Expert, Wine Connoisseur, Writer, and Clairvoyant Spiritual guide, and founder of lifestyle brand Bruja Bespoke.  Join us as […]


TCP017| Vicky auf der Maur: Recognizing & Harnessing the Light Within For Success

The more light you allow within you, the brighter the world you live in will be. Shakti Gawain~    “There are major shifts happening on the planet right now.  People are waking up!  I believe this is the best time to be alive.  Not only is there a new enlightened conversation being had across social media, […]


TCP015| Abiola Abrams: The Importance of Self-Love When Growing Your Career & Business

Scarcity of self value cannot be remedied by money, recognition, affection, attention or influence. ~Gary Zukav     The Coaching Parlour podcast is brought to you by Visit me out on, and sign up for chat messaging coaching, or even better, a phone call or two with me! Let’s get started with goals and game […]