[Audio] | Vicky Ayala: Channeling Multipotentiality Energy Into a Sustainable Multi-Passionate Creative Endeavor

Welcome to episode 74 of The Alchemy Parlour podcast. In this episode join me and my guest alchemist, Vicky Ayala, as we discuss Channeling Multipotentiality Energy Into a sustainable Multi-passionate Creative Endeavor.

Leonardo da Vinci once stated “Realize that everything connects to everything else.”

Now, I doubt that he had multipotentialites in mind, but it does represents the power of multipoteniality and being a Multi-passionate Individual.

Being a Multi-passionate is not a curse that leads you to unfulfilling your call, but it is a blessing. It’s a blessing because you have within you many gifts that you can bring into fruition, if you make peace and acceptance that they aren’t distractions but more so to help you reach your full potential. Your Destiny.

First making it’s appearance in 1972, multipotentialite is psychological term referring to the ability and preference of a person, particularly one of strong intellectual or artistic curiosity, to excel in two or more different fields.

Everything is figureoutable as entrepreneur and thought leader, Marie Forleo would say especially when it comes to overcoming hurdles that will retard your process of channeling your multiple passions into a viable lifestyle.

Creating a lifestyle supported by what lights your fire, what stimulates your mind, what drives you to chorus, and what legacy you want to leave behind –is possible! Even with having so many irons in the fire, you will be able to make sense of it!

But you have to be honest with yourself, understand that maybe you can’t start all of things you want at the same time. You need to focus, block out the naysayers, and hone in on information that is being channeled to you, to create your multi-passionate web for you to catch all that is yours…and then some.

Join us as we discuss the following: 

  • What is multipotentiality power and it’s advantages.
  • How Someone cultivate self-discipline when taking a multi-passionate approach
  • The shadow aspect of being multi-passionate.
  • Specific action steps that one can take, today on developing their strategy to make it work for them in the mundane world.

…..oh, and MORE!

Resources Mentioned In This Episode

About Vicky Ayala

As a brand strategist, Vicky teaches others how to navigate the entrepreneurial journey with creativity and magic. She created the Sacred Brand Mastery to work with multi-passionate soulpreneurs who want to ideate their signature offering, monetize their bankable skills, and integrate their personality into a global online business. Vicky is also the author of several published books and oracle decks which support you to create a holistic approach when developing your brand strategy.

Vicky has over 15 years of combined experience in design, online marketing, program development, and vocational counseling within the social services sector and as well as the startup industry. She has also worked with major media and entertainment brands such as NBC Universal and Vme TV. She now leverages her expertise to show multi-passionate entrepreneurs how to gain clarity, confidence, and courage to create a brand and business that’s rooted in authenticity and built to thrive.

When she’s not making magic, you can find Vicky musing about the entrepreneurial lifestyle while on an endless quest for the perfect chai tea latte.

Episode Energy Reading

Overall Lesson: Being a MutliPotentialite is tapping into your own creative magic.

Underlining Energies: The Tower
-Foundation cracking
-Mars (Action reconstruction)
-New Ways of doing things, thinking, acting accordingly

Action To Take: 10 of Pentacles

Long-term Growth and Success
-Systems that set up you up for success, so you will not only NOT be distracted but also, NOT burnout.

Spiritual Treatment Affirmation

“I tap into my creative reservoir and channel my magical gifts into a multi-passionate, sustainable, endeavor that supports not only my lifestyle, but also my well-being. So Be it.”